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    New hybrid multihull boat design resulting in increased speed potential
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  • OFFER from Netherlands, reference: 13 NL 60AH 3SGM, valid from 30-05-2013 untill 01-05-2014
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    31 mei 2013
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    15 mei 2014

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    13 NL 60AH 3SGM
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    Technology offer
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    30 mei 2013
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    1 mei 2014

Technologic information profile

  • Title:
    New hybrid multihull boat design resulting in increased speed potential
  • Description:
    A Dutch company has developed an innovative and revolutionary hull design which is specially optimized to decrease flow resistance and to improve speed potential at higher wind speeds. Scale model tests and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) showed a better stability and a lower resistance compared to conventional mono and catamaran hulls.
    The new hull design is characterized by three symmetric keels directly connected to the main hull, placed under an angle of about 35 degrees.
    The basic concept originated from the idea to design a trimaran which becomes a symmetrical catamaran under heel. In this way good resistance properties are also obtained on-the-wind as well as off-the-wind. The concept has been attained with the associated benefit of a reduction of the wetted surface under heel, when the windward hull comes up out of the water at small angles of heel. The full benefit of high stability at small angles of heel, like in trimaran designs, has been kept.

    Innovative Aspects:
    A scale model 1:3 has been tested by a Dutch research institute. Final results indicate a substantial improvement of speed performance in both on-the-wind and off-the-wind situations. The specific model of the hull provides stability, even at higher angles of inclination. The hull shows a positive stability at an angle of inclination of more than 90 degrees. This means a significant improvement in comparison with the usually fast but instable catamarans and trimarans.
    Results show an average reduction of more than 30% in fuel consumption when used in a motor yacht. The combination of lower fuel costs, larger living space and improved stability makes the design attractive specially for sailboats 21,5-30 mtr., motor yachts 12,5-30 mtr. and sloops from 7,5mtr.
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    • Design and Modelling / Prototypes
    • Industrial Manufactor
    • Transport and Shipping Technologies

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    Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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    Industry 250-499
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    ppp- Type of partner sought: Industry: development building and sales of medium sized exclusive sail and motor yachts;

    - Specific area of activity of the partner: Specific focus on development of exclusive boats. Also he needs to have relevant expertise in the field of designing sailing and motor boats (both construction and sailing characteristics);

    - Task to be performed by the partner sought: Further development, engineering and testing of the boat design, resulting in a ready to build boat design in the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance by the Dutch technology provider.ppUniversityp
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