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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A Greek company that manufactures and trades machinery for cutting and processing marble, natural stones, granite and concrete products is searching for commercial agents in Brazil, China, Indonesia and New Zealand
OFFER from Greece
The Greek company manufactures and trades machinery that is used in marble and concrete industry for processing, cutting, finishing natural stones and granite. The company manufactures/assembles their own machinery as well as trades machineries from other European firms. The company although well established in the Greek market is now considering entering the markets of Brazil, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. The company is looking for an agent to sign an initial commercial services agreement.
Vegetarian/vegan Omega 3 oils derived from algae available for application as a food fortifier or additive
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK food chemicals company has developed a unique range of Omega 3 oils and protein-rich biomass products derived from algae. The substances could be deployed to fortify existing food products and are entirely vegetarian/vegan, as opposed to existing Omega 3 oils derived from fish. They are seeking food manufacturers interested in co-developing new applications for the product via commercial agreement with technical assistance.
A Japanese manufacturer of aroma products is seeking commercial agents, distribution partners or franchisees in a selected few European countries
OFFER from Japan
An aroma manufacturing company from Japan is looking for commercial agents, distribution partners or franchisees in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Founded in 1998, this international company offers a wide range of natural aromas to create a comfortable scent in spaces. Their range of products consists of essential oil blends and aroma diffusers. They are looking for a partner that has knowledge of the affordable product range in their region.
Distribution agreements sought for neurocryostimulation devices
OFFER from France
French company specialized in medical cryotherapy devices, neurocryostimulation, is looking for distribution agreements all over the world. The company's technique has been the subject of many scientific publications, clinical observations, testimonials and dissertations in several fields: sports medicine, rheumatology, podiatry, geriatrics, emergency medicine and veterinary medicine.
Surface enhancement coating technology for metals.
OFFER from Ireland
An Irish SME has specific expertise in developing new coating process and materials for demanding, high performance applications. The company has developed and patented a new metal coating technology that allows significantly improved coating adhesion and performance. Partnerships are sought with companies looking to solve unmet coating needs & utilising licensing and manufacturing agreement(s) to achieve this. Further outcomes can be discussed & agreed through expressions of interest.
Slovenian company offers various construction works (buildings and outdoors) as subcontractor
OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian company specialized in various construction works on buildings and outdoors offers its services to Austrian partners as a subcontractor
Established Slovak software company has developed a system of GPS monitoring of vehicles with application both in corporate sector as well as in private use
OFFER from Slovakia
The successful Slovak SME has developed a system for GPS monitoring of vehicles. The system is its 17th year on the market and serves hundreds of companies in thousands of vehicles. It can be used by every company owning any kind of vehicle, thus has a huge market potential. The company is looking for business partners to cooperate via commercial agency agreement, franchise agency agreement, distribution services agreement or via license agreement.
A French company specialized in outdoor/indoor signage is looking for customers and business introducers
OFFER from France
A French company specialized in design and manufacture of external and internal signage and signs, promotional materials is looking for customers and business introducers like architect, interior designer or support services under a service agreement.
Bulgarian producer of innovative organic liquid fertilizer from vermicompost offers its product to distributors in the agricultural sector
OFFER from Bulgaria
A Bulgarian company offers its innovative fertilizer, extract from vermicompost of red California worms to distributors. The product is characterized by its purified formula: it is odorless, concentrated, applicable on all kinds of crops and suitable for different types of dispersal, including combined with pesticides. Numerous advantages benefit the agricultural producers – nutritious, harmless, easy application, efficient.
Bulgarian manufacturer of plastic products and moulds and extruder tools for production of plastic products offers its manufacture under commercial agency agreement
OFFER from Bulgaria
The Bulgarian company is specialized in plastic injection moulding and production of tools for plastic injection moulding. It offers a wide range of plastic articles and tools for their production. Having its own production facilities for manufacturing of moulds, the company is able to produce goods on clients' specification. The company aims at contracting of commercial agency agreements for representation and selling of its products abroad.