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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Virtual Reality Based Evaluation of Mental Disorders
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company, a beneficiary of the SME Instrument, has developed a virtual reality platform for the diagnosis of mental conditions that create immersive environments. The platform can provide the patients with a combination of multiple stimuli and can also measure real-time multiple data generated by the patients’ reactions to the latter. The company looks for a partner to do, under a collaboration research, the neuropsychological test via the VR platform.
Italian company, developing an innovative X-Ray digital interface, is looking for manufacturing agreements, commercial and distribution agreements.
OFFER from Italy
Italian company, located in Palermo, manufactured an innovative easy-to-use machine for the digital x-ray. The company seeks companies for manufacturing agreements and agents and distributors working in the field of X-ray medical radiology able to develop the business abroad.
A Japanese company is looking for EU distributors for its coffee grinders, tea leaf grinders and spice grinders
OFFER from Japan
A Japanese company has developed a tool to manually grind coffee beans, tea leaves as well as spices. The grinder is using an innovative ceramic blade allowing better performance compared to similar products. Following a successful introduction in the Japanese market, the company aims to expand into the EU and is looking for a partner with whom to achieve a distribution agreement.
A Polish producer of wooden interior and exterior doors is looking for distributors and would like to act as a subcontructor
OFFER from Poland
A Polish producer of wooden interior and exterior doors with fire rating EI30, EI60 and 42dB acoustics is looking for distributors, investors, developers and architects interested in buying high quality doors for their new investments. The client is willing to sign a distribution services agreement and is offering to become a subcontractor.
Croatian producer of special vehicles wants to expand its market reach through manufacturing, services and subcontracting agreements
OFFER from Croatia
A leading Croatian manufacturer and distributor of vehicles, established in 2012, offers different models of fire engines and municipal vehicles, as well as special products and prototypes. The company is offering its services as a subcontractor, as well as under the form of manufacturing agreements and services agreements.
Bulgarian family-owned wine cellar situated in the region of Plovdiv (Central Bulgaria) offers to distributors and commercial agents its quality red and white wines.
OFFER from Bulgaria
A Bulgarian winery located in the wine-producing region of Plovdiv (Central Bulgaria, Thracian Valley) offers wines – bottled and in bulk. The company has organized the entire wine production process, from grape cultivation and vine-growing to the fabrication of the wines. They would like to conclude distribution services and commercial agency agreements and to open channels for promotion and distribution of their products in some of the European and Asian countries.
Integrated software for water quality assessment
OFFER from Belgium
A research center of a Walloon University has developed a decision support model for quality management of the aquatic environment. Provided with Graphical User Interface, the model takes into account the anthropogenic loads and their impacts on the physicochemical quality of the modelled river system. The model is in use by water management stakeholders. The team is looking for academic, industrial or public partnerships for research, license or collaboration agreements in the field of water.
Cogeneration from biomass gasification: a fully integrated, automated and containerised plug-and-play solution for Combined Heat and Power production from natural renewable sources.
OFFER from Italy
An Italian SME has patented a groundbreaking Plug&Play system for cogeneration (electricity and heat) from renewable sources. The system, using a gasification technology, produces tar-free syngas (synthesis gas) for internal combustion engines, coupled with power generators and heat recovery systems, starting from biomass. The system generates power, off grid or grid-tie parallel mode. The company looks for licence, research, financing or commercial agreements supported by technical assistance.
Spanish company with advance drone systems for fumigation and pest control in agriculture seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish SME specialised in telecommunication operator works with advanced drone systems, specially designed for fumigation and pest control in agriculture. The company provides systems based on aerial spraying drones that can be controlled via satellite. The company seeks industrial partners in agriculture, forestry, fishing and livestock sectors for commercial agreement with technical asistance and services agreement.
Italian green-chemistry company producing organic cosmetics is searching for agents and distributors
OFFER from Italy
A group of Italian researchers in biology who is creating an academic spin-off, manufactures natural and organic cosmetics starting from local raw materials, without any kind of artificial or chemical component. The future company is looking for agents or distributors with experience in organic cosmetic fields. Their products are addressed both to men and women.