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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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360° webcam integrated into a mobile phone sought
REQUEST from Italy
An Italian company specialized in web marketing software has developed an innovative web browsing application and is looking for a 360° webcam integrated into a mobile phone producer in order to conclude a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement.
Innovative solutions for human autologous fat grafting for plastic and reconstructive surgery
OFFER from France
An innovative French SME acting in the biotechnology field has developed new solutions for human autologous fat grafting, bringing real benefits to patients and practitioners. There is a substantial improvement in the survival of the grafted fat. The company is seeking for commercial agreements with technical assistance, with companies in the plastic and reconstructive surgery fields.
An international marketing company based in Sweden is offering their strategic marketing development services to companies looking to achieve rapid growth in any global market
OFFER from Sweden
The Swedish company is a strategic international marketing agency that helps international brands in any sector achieve ambitious growth in any global market and they are looking to enter into a service agreement. They offer strategic marketing programs that integrate assessment, strategy, implementation and management across borders, and can act as an extension of a company's marketing department as well as provide services on a project basis.
Distributors for Swedish lubrication equipment sought, markets of interest are Italy, Ireland and Brazil.
OFFER from Sweden
The privately owned Swedish company produces and offers high quality and unique lubrication products and equipment. Among the unique products the company produces is equipment for grease flow control. The products can be used to secure important grease lubrication and can, for example, help the customer to avoid unplanned stops in production. The company seeks distributors and joint ventures in Italy, Ireland and Brazil.
The Ukrainian company specialized in production of different types of copper and aluminum wires for electrical purposes offers both manufacturing and distribution services agreement
OFFER from Ukraine
A Ukrainian company specialized in the production of enameled round copper and aluminum wire, rectangular bare copper wire for electric purposes, fiberglass insulated round and rectangular copper wire, round copper wire without insulation as well as copper and aluminum wires with paper and tape insulation is offering manufacturing and distribution services agreements.
Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic cornices and moldings is looking for foreign distributors
OFFER from Ukraine
The Ukrainian company is a manufacturer of polyurethane (PU), fiberglass (FRP) and coated polystyrene (PS, XPS) decorative moldings for interior and exterior, including 3D panels, decorative ornaments, as well as cornices for LED indirect lighting. The company has a presence in foreign markets and is able to offer European quality of products under the distribution agreement.
UK company specialising in a range of quality organic and vegan friendly craft beers seeks distributors worldwide
OFFER from United Kingdom
A well-established UK brewery is offering a range of unique organic and vegan friendly traditional and craft beers including pale ales, bitters, stouts and wheat beers, which are available in various sizes of bottles and one-way kegs. In order to help increase its overseas market presence, the company is seeking experienced distributors in the drinks sector worldwide.
An Italian Fashion Brand producing stylish garments for women is looking for distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreements with international partner
OFFER from Italy
An Italian Fashion brand producing garments for stilish women is looking for international collaborations with agents and distributors to establish commercial and distribution agreements to expand their new brand abroad. They are also interested in partners for evaluating acquisition or licence agreements for the brand. The team is composed by 2 young fashion designers based in Italy that create and design by themselves every day woman dresses with cool patterns, design and Italian style.
UK company seeking agents and distributors for new brand of natural hair perfume in order to sign a commercial agency agreement and/or distribution service agreement
OFFER from United Kingdom
UK company, based in London, is looking for agents and distributors for its new brand of natural hair perfume made in the south of France in order to sign a commercial agency agreement and/or distribution service agreement.
British company into interactive advertising space in the sport industry looking for distributors and manufacturing partners
OFFER from United Kingdom
The British company in the advertisement sport sector has developed a product that turns every seat back within sports stadiums and concert halls into interactive advertising space. The British company is looking to a manufacturing agreement or distributor partner with advertising specialists in order to increase its sales abroad by offering this space to their clients. Countries of interest: Qatar, USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia, among others.