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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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German trade agency is offering to distribute parts and equipment for automotive and white goods industry on the German market
REQUEST from Germany
A German company specialized in the trade of raw materials, parts and equipment for the automotive and white goods industry is looking for partners in the mentioned sectors to represent them in Germany and distribute their products. The company is offering commercial agency and distribution services agreement.
Adaptive numerical safety assistant system for the stabilization of construction vehicles with high center of gravity
OFFER from Germany
This Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system developed by a Technical University from Northern Germany prevents construction vehicles with high center of gravity from tip over in cases of sudden sagging of unfortified grounds. Transfer of rights, license agreements or R&D cooperation are offered to industrial partners with an interest to commercialize the technology, e.g. producers of chain-driven big machinery like excavators, drilling vehicles, crawler cranes, diaphragm wall cutters etc.
Innovative job placement platform for companies and students to find new ways to work. Partners for distribution services and license agreements are sought.
OFFER from Germany
A start-up from Germany has developed an online job placement platform for companies to assign projects to students. Within an allocated time students can work independently on their tasks. Companies can choose young professionals from three different expert-levels: student, bachelor and master. The system is characterised by a high degree of flexibility as the projects can be submitted and processed independently of time and place. Partners for distribution and/or licensing are sought.
Manufacturer of uniquely crafted apple juices and sparkling juice-mixes seeks international distributors
OFFER from Germany
This small German manufacturer proves that apple juice can be an elaborate, tasteful experience just like wine or beer: It invented the world's first apple spritzer with hops. Apple juice, soda and craft beer hops – 100% non-alcoholic, natural, dry, and refreshing. Apart from this, the company produces elaborate pure juices. Different types of apples are pressed separately to create juices that range from bitter to sweet to sour. Partners for distribution in retail and gastronomy are sought.
Molecular diagnostics of familial hyperaldosteronism type II
OFFER from Germany
A German university developed a new molecular diagnostics of hyperaldosteronism. It facilitates better timely and adequate treatment of affected persons with high blood pressure due to familial hyperaldosteronism type II. The university is offering a license agreement to diagnostic companies.
Innovative railway technology: energy efficient wagon construction for freight trains / freight folling stock
OFFER from Germany
A University from Berlin (Germany) has developed a new hopper wagon design for freight trains that solves issues other wagon-designs have in regards to aerodynamic efficiency. While increasing aerodynamic efficiency the design at the same time ensures that loading as well as transport are not negatively influenced by the new design. The cooperation type they would be interested in is a license or a research cooperation agreement.
German supplier of textiles (bed linen, tablecloths, towels, etc.) made from organic cotton is looking for distribution services agreements and is offering services agreements
OFFER from Germany
A German company is a service provider and supplier of textiles (bed linen, tablecloths, towels etc. made from organic cotton, normal cotton or mixed cotton/polyester) for the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Catering) and healthcare sectors, laundry centers etc. It is looking for distribution services agreements with partners having good connections to purchasers in these sectors. It is also offering services agreements to companies looking for custom-made textiles made from organic cotton.
A German company of high-capacity electric drives is looking for distributors or commercial agencies
OFFER from Germany
A German company manufactures high-capacity electric drives. Via development, production and test facilities they offer a powerful standard program as well as individual solutions. The offer includes servomotors and linear motors, water-cooled servos, linear actuators, direct drives, electromotors, generators, exciters, complete regulated drives. To further expand, they are looking for cooperation partners in Western Europe via a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.
Smart electronics German company seeks to acquire a software company or create a software engineering start-up or a joint venture
REQUEST from Germany
A German company is specialising in smart electronic products for automotive/motor and utility vehicle electronics, OEM development/production/contract manufacture as well as test systems for power semiconductors. In order to cope with the growing customer requirements, it is looking for the acquisition of a software company or a cooperation partner to create a software engineering start-up or a joint venture in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or Ukraine.
German startup looks for manufacturing, license and distribution partners for its travel neck rest
OFFER from Germany
A German startup founded in 2016 is looking for manufacturing, license and distribution partners for its travel neck rest. The partners are being searched in Asia, Europe and both South and North America. The company developed a new concept of a neck rest for travellers and commuters and is now looking to expand its network of partners; they are flexible and open to individualized proposals for potential cooperation.