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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Czech company is looking for home decoration fur/skin products for distribution
REQUEST from Czech Republic
A Czech distributor focused on lifestyle home decor products is looking for new suppliers of skin or fur home decoration products. The company is offering wholesale trade intermediary services (distributor or representation as an agent) under distribution services/commercial agency agreement in the Czech Republic and Europe.
Czech producer of innovative antibacterial handle bar grip that is used in public transport seeks distributors or agents.
OFFER from Czech Republic
A small Czech company produces a patented portable rubber handle bar grip that is adjusted to hand rails so people do not have to touch these surfaces that are touched also by other people. The company is currently seeking partners abroad that would represent this product either under distribution or commercial agency agreement.
Device for removal of hydrogen sulphide and sulphide sulphur from the water
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech university developed device capable for removing hydrogen sulphide and sulphide sulphur from groundwater. The device is designed for normal water flow in households and small and medium businesses. The university is looking for industrial partners able to produce and distribute the device. The university is offering license or research cooperation agreements.
Cosmeceuticals, based on Pythium oligandrum that notably reduces more than 40 fungi on skin and nails, are offered for distribution.
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech biotech company developed biological preparation based on microorganism that notably reduces more than 40 mycotic fungi affecting skin or nails. The microorganism, after reducing a fungi, it disappears without side-effects. The company utilized it in development of the set of cosmeceuticals, designed for various parts of the body. They seek distributors supplying to medicine and cosmetic industries to sign distribution services agreements.
Power unit technology: Multi-sources micro co-generation unit
OFFER from Czech Republic
Czech university department focusing on R&D in the field of alternative power sources has developed a prototype solution of a multi-source micro co-generation unit for installation in housing estates to replace partial installation solutions of power sources with one centralized device. The university is looking for an investor for the sale of the licence and further cooperation on the placing the device on the market based on manufacturing and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Non-destructive determination of residual strains/stresses and microstresses in polycrystalline materials by means of neutron diffraction
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech research institute offers non-destructive neutron diffraction technique for determination of residual elastic lattice strains/stresses as well as microstrains/microstresses in polycrystalline materials. The former technique enables to analyse the residual stress state e.g. after welding, the later method helps to study e.g. deformation mechanisms or degradation processes after mechanical, thermal or cyclic loading. Commercial, research or technical collaboration is sought.
A Czech investment company is looking for cooperation based on financial agreement
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech investment company specialised in electronic online trading is looking for financial agreement. They are trading commodities, currency pairs and stock indices. The company is looking for partners within EU countries, Qatar, India, Singapore and USA. The company is interested in big private and institutional investors (EUR 100k+ investments).
Apparatus producing an even distribution of strain into carriers offered for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement
OFFER from Czech Republic
Czech university offers new technology for companies interested in lifting technologies. University offers new measurement of the real value of the tensile force in the partial cross section of the carrying rope to equalize values in mechanical way, it enables to use the described apparatus in practice to set the appropriate rope tension in multiroped hinges. New technology is innovative in a way of lifting materials because of the used technique. License or commercial agreement is offered.
Waste collection solution offered for Joint venture or License agreement
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech start-up offers user portal, that enables waste collection companies to monitor and evaluate their waste bins fill level and waste collection routes. Offered system consists of two main parts. One of them is web portal with maps etc. and the other one is mobile application for citizens. Technology including both of the parts is offered for joint venture agreement or license agreement, where the conditions will be refined.
Czech producer of heat-resistant and refractory suits offers subcontracting to producers of protective clothing
OFFER from Czech Republic
A renowned Czech developer of heat-resistant and protection clothes, offers subcontracting to producers of protective clothes under their own brand. Products of the company are developed mainly for usage for work in steelworks, foundries, when fighting large fires, where the temperature often exceeds more than 500°C, or also as a protection from products and technological units with high temperatures. Cooperation via subcontracting is offered.