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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A company specializing in manufacturing tube and oral feeding, nutrition enrichments and pharmaceuticals is looking for distributors
OFFER from Israel
The Israeli company manufactures a wide range of oral tube feeding and oral enrichment products marketed across the country. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the local market and is now seeking to increase its sales of tube feeding products overseas by finding new distributors worldwide.
Bulgarian manufacturer of nuts, pellets and oils from nuts and herbs is looking for distribution or manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Bulgaria
Bulgarian company specialized in production of herbs, nuts, oils and flours from all kind of nuts as well as pellets from nut shells wants to conclude distribution services agreement with distributors all over the world to promote and sell its products on new local markets. The company is also interested to discuss manufacturing agreement with companies, using nuts as ingredients for their products.
A Japanese trading company is looking for distributors or agents in the EU for a Japan-made premium towel
OFFER from Japan
A trading company from Japan is looking for distributors or agents in EU-countries for its premium towels. The towels can be characterized as 'beauty care towels'. They remove water without scrubbing and damaging the skin. Moreover, the towel absorbs more water than regular towels, has an antibacterial function and is soft to touch. The company would conclude a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement with partners with a network in premium household products.
Czech company is looking for home decoration fur/skin products for distribution
REQUEST from Czech Republic
A Czech distributor focused on lifestyle home decor products is looking for new suppliers of skin or fur home decoration products. The company is offering wholesale trade intermediary services (distributor or representation as an agent) under distribution services/commercial agency agreement in the Czech Republic and Europe.
Looking for a technology investment support in agriculture with joint venture
REQUEST from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian company, dealing with organic production, is searching for a partner in the field of technology investment support for the part of production dealing with products for agriculture and ecology. Investment would be used for provision of equipment needed to complete the production line of the product portfolio. The company is interested for joint venture agreements.
Stress-detection algorithm for wearable devices is offered for licensing.
OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian research institute is offering licensing of a computer implemented algorithm for stress detection. The algorithm was evaluated in a real-life setting and is integrated in a prototype application for managing mental health and well-being. The researchers are looking for a company active in the health and wellbeing market able to implement the algorithm in commercial wearable applications in the framework of a license agreement.
Macedonian company offers business and IT alignment services to companies through outsourcing agreements
OFFER from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian SME, specialized in IT consultancy, offers business and IT alignment services which enable companies to use information technology efficiently and effectively in order to match their strategy and achieve goals, thus creating a positive relationship between information technologies and accepted financial measures of performance, total cost of ownership, revenues, and return of investment. It is interested in outsourcing agreements.
A UK company offers hair bleach powders for distribution
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company is looking for distributors to existing hair and beauty brands and salon chains across Europe for its hair bleach powders.
A 100 years old Japanese manufacturer of traditional “tenugui” towels seeks distributors and sales agents in the EU
OFFER from Japan
A Japanese company dealing with traditional “tenugui” hand towels is searching distributors and sales agents in the European Union. Dyed with classical patterns with the use of a traditional Japanese technique, the tenugui towels provide better quality in terms of absorbency and softness compared to normal towels. Following the success of tenugui with foreign tourists in Japan, the company aims to find partners to develop its activities and achieve a agency / distribution agreement.
Stationery items are offered to a European distributors
OFFER from France
A France based SME, specialised in stationery, notebooks and artwork for professionals only, is looking for distributors in European countries. They can also design special printings and notebooks or even add logo on each products.