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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Joystick control system for sailing boat
OFFER from France
A French SME, specialised in electronics and embedded systems, provides innovative sailing solution in order to make sailing accessible to everyone. The SME developed joystick control system so easy to control that children and disabled people in wheelchair are able to steer it and to have fun on the water. With two joysticks, it is possible to control the sails of the boat and the rudder like playing a video game. The SME is looking for commercial partners abroad under Distribution agreement.
Lightweight structural parts with non-developable forms made in aluminum honeycomb sandwich
OFFER from France
A French start-up has patented a process to make non-developable shapes with stiff and lightweight aluminum sandwich panel. This lightweight material made in aluminum honeycomb sandwich is limitless on design or shape, and so offers an alternative to composite parts. The SME is seeking industrial partners notably in transports sector (railways, automotive, aeronautics…), energy sector (wind turbines...) and other. Commercial agreements with Technical assistance are sought.
Looking for industrial manufacturer of fun wheels equipped with ball bearing
REQUEST from France
A French young company is designing, developing and selling a full range of wooden ride-on toys (cars, planes, motos) for children. The SME is looking for an industrial manufacturer of coloured wheels, with ball bearing, made in polyethylene in order to equip one model of ride-on moto-type toys. These wheels should be of good quality to insure security of young users and also the longevity for the product. A long-term manufacturer partner is sought for a manufacturing agreement.
A Polish manufacturer from chemical branch seeks distributors or sales representatives.
OFFER from Poland
This Polish company, operating on the domestic market for over 25 years, holds a leading position as a manufacturer and distributor of automotive chemicals and professional chemical cleaning products for various applications. To produce their preparations the company uses biodegradable components and nanotechnology. The company is looking for distributors or sales representatives to enter new foreign markets within a commercial agency agreement and/or a distribution services agreement.
Macedonian innovative telecommunication operator seeks partners for technical cooperation for further development and implementations of drones applicable in a wide range of industrial sectors, as well as joined application on EU projects
REQUEST from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonian renowned company is looking for partner for its R&D department able to collaborate for development of ready to use drones for specific industrial sectors, more particular development of thermal vision - control drone, control the optics lengthwise, control lines (thermal and 3D). It builds R&D department for development of drones (UAV/RPAS) for a variety of industrial applications utilizing WiMAX/LTE wireless communication standards. SME and RD partners are sought for research and JV.
A Serbian SME offers services on physico-chemical and biotechnological measurement for chemical, petrochemical, and agro-food industries
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian SME offers services on chemical and biotechnological measurements, in particular sample analysis and tests. The SME's know-how and expertise can be used to help engineering teams to monitor processes and support projects during the planing phase. Some examples of offered services are sugar content measurement, characterization of pollutant breakdown by micro-organism, and development of pollutant detection methods. The SME is looking for services agreement with small SMEs.
A Polish leading manufacturer of conveyors and equipment for processing plants is looking for distributors.
OFFER from Poland
A Polish company which is the main contractor of complete plants processing minerals and biomass, specializes in manufacturing of belt and bucket conveyors and spare parts, transportation lines, reloading and supply systems of bulk goods, equipment for separation and mineral enrichment. The company is looking for foreign distributors with an experience and knowledge of the sector in order to sell its products in Europe. The company is interested in a distribution services agreement.
A Greek start-up company is looking for technological partners in order to provide electronic sensors and communication systems for the remote monitoring of windsurfs, kitesurfs and sailing boats
REQUEST from Greece
A Greek start-up has designed and intending to produce a device to be attached in small sailing boats. The device will be used by sailing trainers to improve the sailing skills of their clients. The company is looking for manufacturers of various sensors and middle range communication system designers to provide their products. The collaboration sought is technical cooperation agreement.
French R&D and technical services in the fields of electric vehicles, turbochargers, engines and acoustics offered under a services or a subcontracting agreement
OFFER from France
A French high-tech research and test center for the automotive, rail, aerospace and defense industries offers to assist SMEs, large companies, R&D or other institutions to perform tests and engineering activities under a services or a subcontracting agreement.
French cluster offering services agreement collaboration to Japanese digital and creative industry organisations and their members interested in the French and European market opportunities
OFFER from France
A French digital cluster offers to collaborate with Japanese organisations - clusters, incubators or R&D institutions - helping them and their members establish an activity in France. It offers to work under a services agreement.