Swedish company looking for manufacturers of small to heavy size (20-8500 kg) gray iron castings from Easten Europe

REQUEST from Sweden, reference: BRSE20190129001, valid from 14-02-2019 untill 16-02-2020

  • Start date:
    14 februari 2019
  • End date:
    16 februari 2020
  • Summary:
    A Swedish company producing advanced machining technology for the airline industry is looking for a cost-efficient supplier of gray iron castings. The supplier should have certified management system and ability to pre-machining and final machining of produced castings. Manufacturers producing small to heavy-size (20-8500 kg) castings with production batch ranging from 10 to 100 pieces are sought for a subcontracting agreement in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic or Romania.
  • Description:
    The Swedish company is producing advanced machining technology for the airline industry. The company export their products to the USA and Europe and they are in a expanding phase. In order to continue to grow they need to expand their supplier base and they are now looking for a new supplier from Easten Europe and especially from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic or Romania

    Sought partner should have cost-efficient production facilities for producing small to heavy size grey iron castings in production batch ranging from 10 to 100 pieces. The parter should also be custom to extensive machining at the casted parts.

    Sought partner company should have good logistic location taking into account the export to Sweden. Also, production unit costs should be on a competitive level. The potential partner candidate should have some export activities at the moment.
Partner Sought
  • Type of Partnership Considered:
  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:

    Partner company should fulfill at least most of following technical requirements:
    • Manufacturing of small to heavy size iron castings 20 – 8500 kg.
    • Material EN-GJL-200/250 and EN-GJS-400/500 should be the main raw-material used in the casting.
    • Hand moulding or mechanized moulding using resin sand or green sand.
    • Typical batch size range in production should be between 10 and 100 pieces.
    • Capability of core manufacture.
    • Own painting facilities for primary painting
    • Own pre-machining and final machining facilities or local partner who can take care of this.
    • Capability to manufacture patterns is an advantage.
    • Certified quality and environmental systems (at least ISO9001 and ISO14001).

    The Swedish company is expecting the partner to be experienced in the specified branch and industrial range: gray iron casting and machining. The partner must have a development strategy and willingness to further improve its operations along the co-operation with the Swedish company.

    SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500

  • Development stage:
    Already on the market
  • IPR Status:
    Patents granted
  • Market keywords:
    Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
  • Technology keywords:
    Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)
    Machining, fine (grinding, lapping)
  • NACE keywords:
    Manufacture of metal forming machinery
    Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
  • Advantages and Innovations:
    The Swedish company is a producer of advanced machining technology for the airline industry. They are recognized worldwide for innovative adaptations to challenging machining applications and unparalleled measuring accuracy, enabling their customers to achieve zero defects and shortened production times leading to lowered manufacturing costs.
  • Type and Size of Organisation:
    Industry SME 11-49
  • Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation
  • Year Established:
  • Turnover:
    10 - 20M
  • Country of origin:
  • Languages spoken
    • English
    • Swedish