Taiwanese bedrijven op zoek naar Nederlandse partners voor samenwerking op het gebied van sportinnovaties

Op 1 november 2018 organiseert Enterprise Europe Network een matchmaking tijdens de Taipei Cycle om Taiwanese bedrijven in contact te brengen met Nederlandse en Vlaamse bedrijven. Het doel is om samenwerking tot stand te brengen op het gebied van innovaties voor de fietsindustrie.

Hieronder een selectie van de Taiwanese deelnemers die op zoek zijn naar partners. Een volledig overzicht van alle profielen vindt u in bijgevoegd document. Als u geïnteresseerd bent in een van deze bedrijven brengen wij u graag met hen in contact. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om zelf deel te nemen aan de matchmaking in Taipei zodat u de bedrijven persoonlijk kunt spreken. Voor Nederlandse en Vlaamse deelnemers is zelfs een speciaal facultatief weekprogramma opgezet waaraan u kosteloos kunt deelnemen. Meer informatie: https://sporttechmatch2018.b2match.io/.


U kunt ook contact opnemen met Enterprise Europe Network (stan.francke@rvo.nl, 088-0425259).

Selectie van enkele samenwerkingsprofielen Taiwan:

Huga enterprise company

We are committed to the design and development of new generation full-featured bicycle saddle.
The all-wings saddle combines ergonomics, innovative riding mechanics and the post-modern design. Welcome to visit and advise.
PRODUCT: All-wings saddle type-Falcon
All-wings saddle is a new generation full-featured bicycle saddle. And it combines ergonomics, innovative riding mechanics and the post-modern design. The center of the saddle is completely hollowed.
We offer the design and manufacture of a full wing saddle, and we can also attach the customer's logo according to the customer's request.

AverLogic Technologies Corp.

CYQLO is a start-up launched by AverLogic Technologies Corp.
CYQLO, enters the market with a feature-rich device that goes one step further by incorporating 7 accessories in just one device: Bike navigation, cycle computer, camera, anti-theft alarm, frontal light, bell and built-in power bank

Bone Collection (Fruitshop International)

Bone’s vision is to bring everyone a unique and wonderful life experience in the digital world, with our innovative product design and cute characters.
PRODUCT: Bike Tie Pro2- Bike Stem Mount Phone Holder
UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDER. New redesigned silicone bands fit all cell phones and cases from 4 to 6.5 inches
BIKE STEM MOUNT Designed to mount your smartphone on bicycle stems in Portrait mode

City Bright Co., LTD

CBright is a global supplier of Intelligent Electronic Textile Turnkey Solutions Company.
PRODUCT: Intelligent textile control system
We developed intelligent textile control system which is combined with isolated microcontroller and thread fibre and it could be a applied in textile products.

Hwa Fong Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd. (DURO TIRE)

For three quarters of a century, DURO has enhanced tire performance both on and off the road. Whether diving thru corners, ripping thru mud, or cruising the highway; our tires will boost your performance and experience.
PRODUCT: Tires for Powersports and other Vehicles
Aside from Powersports; DURO also manufacturers tires for bicycles, passenger vehicles, golf carts, lawn and garden applications, trailers, and industrial usage.
SERVICE: Manufacturer of rubber tires and tubes
From the trail to your neighbourhood, and locations in-between, DURO’s comprehensive product line means we’ll have just the right tires, no matter how specialized your vehicles.

RST Greenergy Tech.Co.,LTD

RST has been producing suspension fork for over 25 years, we have complete product line up for EBike, MTB & City, Trekking, kids not only open models but also offer Custom design for OEM needs. We invest 10%~15% of our entire workforce on R&D because we would like to offer better products for our customers and riders.
REBEL is an invert trail fork with one piece of Magnesium upper part to provide light weight, due to the limitation is less than normal telescope fork that's mean it's more sensitive and riders will have more fun during the riding.


RUEY SHINN specializes in the manufacturing of textile, motorbike and bicycle components in Taiwan for over 30 years. Our customers are Panasonic, Nidec Shiga Technical Center, Hota, Shihlin Electric, etc. Welcome to visit.
PRODUCT: Bike parts for Panasonic- OEM
Crank shaft, Driven gear, Ratchet




woensdag, 12 september, 2018