New combined supplement with mycotoxin-binding capacity, broad spectrum of antimicrobial and probiotic activity, based on lactobacillus strains

OFFER from Bulgaria, reference: TOBG20191212001, valid from 13-12-2019 untill 03-01-2021

  • Title:
    New combined supplement with mycotoxin-binding capacity, broad spectrum of antimicrobial and probiotic activity, based on lactobacillus strains
  • Start date:
    13 december 2019
  • End date:
    3 januari 2021
  • Summary:
    A Bulgarian research team wants to implement a new probiotic formula, based on synergic effects of 3 lactobacilli, with antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and mycotoxin-binding activities. The strains are appropriate for starters/adjuncts for functional and naturally preserved food, in human and veterinary medicine as bio-therapeutics. Partnership through commercial agreement, manufacturing agreement, research cooperation agreement, license or technical cooperation agreement is sought.
  • Description:
    The research team has an excellent background in the R&D in the bacteriological (medical, agricultural and industrial bacteriology), protozoological, virological (investigation of viruses and viral diseases in man, animals and plants), immunological and biochemical fields. The team also has experience in international collaboration and project implementation.

    The combined probiotic supplement contains 3 compatible Lactobacillus strains (Lactobacillus brevis KR51, Lactobacillus plantarum AC131 and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus APR13 and by-produced active metabolites). They are Bulgarian strains newly isolated from home-made fermented dairy products, with long history of safety use. The scientists isolated and characterized them as probiotics, with a broad spectrum of biological activities. All strains are identified to the species level by 16S rDNA sequencing and, according to EFSA’s guideline for probiotics and food implemented microorganisms. In addition, they are genotyped by highly discriminative molecular method RAPD-PCCR (Random amplified polymorphic DNA-PCR). The strains possess different beneficial and mutually complementary characteristics.

    The main biologically active components are the original combination of three Lactobacillus strains of and their active metabolites, complementing each other in a unique way as a spectrum of activity, technological feasibility and probiotic characteristics. They are flexible for additional combination with other well-known as probiotic or starters species/strains.

    This new combined probiotic supplement can be used:
    1) as a mixture of live and/or lyophilized form of the three active strains or in different combinations of the same strains alone for individual use, or as compound of other multibacterial probiotic formulas with potential to promote a healthy gut homeostasis and especially in the neutralization of the harmful effects of aflatoxins, together with positive immunomodulatory effects;
    2) combined as a bio-protective supplement in dairy and non-dairy products, adjuncts to the starter cultures for functional, naturally-preserved products with beneficial health effects in regular consumption;
    3) as a probiotic supplement in fermented products, for specific groups of consumers (children, elderly people and people at risk), as well as to prevent the risk of aflatoxin contamination;
    4) for new functional foods, with a variety of organoleptic qualities, ready to answer to market’s demands for products, with reduced content of chemical preservatives and improved health effects;
    5) for application in new synbiotics appropriate for prevention of inflammatory processes and gut disorders and for healthy balance of intestinal microbiota.

    The team is looking for international partners to conclude the following types of agreements in order to disseminate and/or improve the developed solution:
    - commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought under which acquisition (transfer) of the innovative combined supplement is envisaged, supported by technical consultancy by the research team for its efficient use;
    - in the case of licensing implementation of the supplement in the industry is expected against payment of license fee or royalties;
    - under technical cooperation a further technological development is envisaged;
    - it is also possible to conclude other types of contracts depending on the wish of the potential partner and the negotiations, e.g. manufacturing agreement for transferring of the know-how or research cooperation agreement for further exploitation of selected probiotic strains.
Partner Sought
  • Type of Partnership Considered:
    License agreement, Manufacturing agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance, Technical cooperation agreement, Research cooperation agreement
  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:

    Type and role of partners sought: industry; partners from the pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic industries are preferred - producers of probiotic supplements, functional foods with probiotics in their composition as bio-preservatives, products with live probiotic bacteria inside or only with probiotic metabolites without live probiotic cells inside the product. R&D organisations or universities for further joint project(s) aiming development of new ideas for naturally protected, safety and/or functional products and further exploitation of selected probiotic strains.

    Type of partnership sought: the partner is expected to: acquire the know-how accompanied by offering him the necessary technical support for its efficient use (in case of commercial agreement with technical assistance), implement the new probiotic formula in his products and pay a license fee or royalty as a reward (in case of license agreement), continue the technological development based on his specific existing technological capacity (in case of technical cooperation).
    It is also possible to conclude other types of contracts like manufacturing agreement for transferring the know-how for the combined probiotic supplement depending on the interest of potential partner and negotiations’ outcome.

    SME 11-50,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500

  • Development stage:
    Available for demonstration
  • IPR Status:
    Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
  • Market keywords:
    Enzymology/Protein Engineering/Fermentation
    Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
    Food and feed ingredients
    Health food
  • Technology keywords:
    Bio- Composites
    Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control
    Micro- and Nanotechnology related to agrofood
  • NACE keywords:
    Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
  • Advantages and Innovations:
    - the proposed formula is based on new original concept to combine mycotoxin-binding and antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral) activity, thus allow a broad spectrum of applications as bio-protective food adjuncts, other probiotic formulas or bio-therapeutic compounds. The market does not offer such probiotic supplement with double benefits - safety and health promoting effects;

    - the proposed formula allows flexible combinations of well-compatible probiotic Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus brevis strains in different food matrixes, for innovative formulas with a cumulative antimicrobial and mycotoxins – binding activity, probiotic and bio- protective starter/adjuncts;

    the target is bio-preservation and beneficial healthy effects, based on:
    • Original combination of beneficial and technologically relevant strains of well- recognized in food production species, with long history of safety use and food industry application;
    • Three species Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus,
    Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus plantarum, considered by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as suitable for the Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS) approach and proven Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status;
    • Tolerant to species of normal protective human and animal microbiota and with proven positive effect on yogurt/cheese starters.

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    R&D Institution
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