German company offers technical measurements and assessments and other services for the renewable energy sector, especially wind energy within service or subcontracting agreements

OFFER from Germany, reference: BODE20180730001, valid from 30-07-2018 untill 17-08-2020

  • Start date:
    30 juli 2018
  • End date:
    17 augustus 2020
  • Summary:
    A German service provider for the renewable energy sector, focuses on wind energy. Their range of services includes site evaluations, technical and electrical characteristics measurements and assessments. The German company can contribute own test fields. The international team has more than 20 years of experience and is continuously innovating. OEMs and wind farm developers and operators are sought for service or subcontracting agreements.
  • Description:
    A German company with 60 employees provides services in the areas of planning, development, optimisation, quality assurance and consulting in the technological and economic advancement of energy, predominantly wind energy, systems. They work with manufacturers, project developers and operators as well as authorities and the finance sector.

    The company’s experts take care of innovations and optimisation measures for components, wind turbines, combined heat and power plants (CHPs), storage systems or complete wind farm configurations in relation to grid requirements. All relating details are assessed, measured or planned. The services can be carried out on one of the company owned test fields for wind turbines or locally on the partner’s site. Thus the company can make a considerable contribution to technology and efficiency improvements.

    The range of services:
    • Site evaluations including wind measurements, yield report, shadow and noise impact
    • Measurements of electrical characteristics: high- and low-voltage ride through (HVRT, LVRT), power performance/curve, compliance to grid integration standards
    • Technical measurements: loads, acoustics
    • LiDAR (light detection and ranging) verification

    The company’s staff members are involved in numerous national and international bodies, ensuring that they keep up with all latest developments and that the methods used are innovative and the most suitable.

    OEMs, wind farm developers and operators who need to plan, develop or optimize plants or components are sought for subcontracting and services agreements. The services will be tailored to the partner’s requirements..
Partner Sought
  • Type of Partnership Considered:
    Services agreement, Subcontracting
  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:

    Industrial partners, such as OEMs, wind farm developers and operators are sought.
    Development and optimisation of components and plants of the partner will be implemented within services or subcontracting agreements. The specific tasks and type of co-operation would be based on the partner’s individual requirements.

  • Development stage:
    Already on the market
  • IPR Status:
  • Market keywords:
    Power grid and distribution
    Alternative Energy
    Wind energy
  • Technology keywords:
    Smart grids
    Renewable Sources of Energy
    Wind energy
    Electrical Technology related to measurements
    Mechanical Technology related to measurements
  • NACE keywords:
  • Advantages and Innovations:
    • More than 20 years of company history along with a long term track record with more than 5,000 projects around the globe
    • Keeping the finger on the pulse and staying up to date with all technical innovations, developments and any variations in conditions
    • Certified quality thanks to accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
    • Highly experienced and motivated team with international broad background
    • Company owned test fields available

  • Type and Size of Organisation:
    Industry SME 50-249
  • Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation
  • Year Established:
  • Turnover:
    1 - 10M
  • Country of origin:
  • Languages spoken
    • English
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Russian
    • French
    • Polish
    • Spanish