An Italian based industrial design and products development agency offers its expertise through services agreements

OFFER from Italy, reference: BOIT20180528002, valid from 31-05-2018 untill 18-07-2020

  • Start date:
    31 mei 2018
  • End date:
    18 juli 2020 (4 weken geleden)
  • Summary:
    An industrial design and products development agency located in the center of Italy, with a ten years experience, offers its consulting services in the fields of industrial design, production and prototyping, marketing and strategy and Internet of Things for a wide array of sectors. The type of cooperation considered is a services agreement.
  • Description:
    This company is located in Pesaro (Marche region), in the center of Italy and it has a ten years experience in market research, product design, mechanical engineering and prototyping.
    It works across a wide array of industries as diverse as medical devices, automotive, home applliances, domotic, machinery and technology.
    The company offers its consulting activity in the following fields:
    - Industrial Design (trend and scenario analysis, concept design, cost saving, etc.)
    - Prototyping & Production
    - Strategy & Marketing (market researches, brand strategy, sales and distribution development, packaging design, etc.)
    - Internet of Things (solutions for the electronics, industrial automation and IT industries, cloud platforms, digital evolution, etc.)
    This company guides enterprises from a concept idea to its prototyping and production. It is already collaborating with Italian and Asian manufacturing partners.
    The company offers its expertise through services agreements.
    Also, it is interested in contributing to H2020 projects.

Partner Sought
  • Type of Partnership Considered:
    Services agreement
  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:

    This company looks for a collaboration with potential partners from different sectors and different origins, to help them developing high quality, impactful and design products, through services agreements.

    The company also offers its services to companies participating to H2020 projects.

  • Development stage:
  • IPR Status:
  • Market keywords:
    Advertising and public relations
    Consulting services
  • Technology keywords:
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  • Advantages and Innovations:
    The company has decades of experience in new markets development, international sales and new branding generation.
    It assists enterprises in the production of items that meet the need of customers, look good and make a substantial impact on the market. Moreover, it helps companies producing at very competitive costs, because it offers its counseling also during technical and economical evaluation of materials and production techniques.
  • Type and Size of Organisation:
    Industry SME <= 10
  • Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation
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  • Languages spoken
    • English
    • Italian