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OFFER uit Poland, Referentie: 06 PL WPTS 0FXT, geldig van 12-09-2006 tot 27-05-2012

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  • Titel:
    Preparations for ecological agriculture and liquid waste treatment
  • Samenvatting:
    An SME from north-western Poland has developed a production technology for preparations used for biodegradation of waste products from plant raising, animal farming, or household. The preparations contain bacterial cultures, and are intended for housekeeping, agriculture, and utilisation of waste products and organic sewage. The preparations are recommended for ecological agriculture. The form of cooperation sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
  • Beschrijving partnerverzoek:
    A Polish company has its own laboratory and experimental area that enabled it to develop a production technology for preparations used for decomposing organic matter, generated during animal production, cultivation or housekeeping. The main components are bacterial cultures selected from the environment. The preparations do not contain chemicals traditionally used in farms, and do not pollute the environment. The preparations prevent the environment from degradation, and get it back into its original state. The microbes decompose organic matter, affect on better bioavailability of nutrients for plants, and decompose solids in liquid wastes.
    The Polish company has developed production technology for:
    - Preparations improving the bioavailability of nutrients present in the soil - adding the microbes to the soil or manure or compost affects faster degradation and obtaining of the nutrients. The preparations constantly improve fertility of the soil, and are safe for use. The plants gain high nutritive value and immunity/resistance to diseases.
    - Preparations accelerating decomposition of plants’ waste products stored in composters - they allow to obtain ready-to-use compost in 2 months (normally it is 3 years). The utilisation of biologically active compost guarantees higher yields even for 30% comparing with the intensive cultivations.
    - Preparations for septic tanks - purify the liquid wastes from organic matter in 95% and from pathogens in 100%. The microbes inhibit putrefactive processes, and therefore the unpleasant smell characteristic for septic tanks is not generated. The preparations can be used for all types of septic tanks.
    - Preparations for manure utilisation - contain bacterial cultures, which mineralise organic matter and eliminate unpleasant smell. The manure affected by the microbes has no harmful effects on the natural environment and underground water.
    - Preparations for domestic ponds - the proper bacterial cultures decompose organic matter such as leaves and fish droppings, guaranteeing constant purification of the pond. The preparations are safe for fish. They eliminate pathogens from the water, and inhibit reproduction and growth of algae. The preparations guarantee clean and crystalline water.

    The SME has also developed preparations containing soil yeast beneficial for deeper rooting, improving water infiltration and capillary ascent and limiting evaporation of water from the ground. The preparation guarantees soil fertility through improving soil structure.

    All preparations can be used in ecological agriculture.

    Innovative Aspects:
    The preparations do not contain chemicals. The main components are bacterial cultures. Preparations with bacterial cultures:
    - Are recommended for ecological agriculture
    - Eliminate pathogens from the environment
    - Redress the biological balance of the environment
    - Eliminate unpleasant smells
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    Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry and Related Products
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    Technical consultancy
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    producers and wholesalers of preparations used for ecological agriculture and liquid waste treatment; traditional and ecological farms

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    the Polish company is able to provide foreign partners with preparations and instructions for use