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Development of simulation model to investigate percutaneous absorption of compounds
Referentie: TRKR20150828001, geldig van 28-08-2015 tot 02-09-2016
  REQUEST  uit Korea, Republic of
A Korean company is trying to develop a simulation model to investigate percutaneous absorption of compounds. The company is trying to produce human skin equivalents including dermis and epidermis and to cultivate the tissues. However the first development has failed due to the wrong model of absorption test of compounds and medicinal substances. The company is searching for technologies to develop the in vitro prediction model by finding partners through technical or licensing agreement.
Thermal management expertise and technologies for semiconductor devices sought
Referentie: TRUK20150828001, geldig van 28-08-2015 tot 02-09-2016
  REQUEST  uit United Kingdom
A UK based power amplifier manufacturer is seeking partners with expertise and technology in the thermal management of semiconductor devices. They are interested in passive technologies that are capable of functioning in airborne and space environments. Technical cooperation agreements, subcontracting and license agreements would be considered.
Bio-coating system to prevent microbiologically induced corrosion and fouling for offshore structures
Referentie: TOUK20150731002, geldig van 28-08-2015 tot 03-09-2016
  OFFER  uit United Kingdom
A Scottish company has developed a prototype bio-coating system which utilises microbes to prevent micro-biologically induced corrosion and fouling of offshore infrastructures, primarily wind turbines and oil rigs. The company is looking for technical/research cooperation with a university or coating formulation/manufacturer which have the resource and manpower to: improve scalability and durability issues; field test the product; and ultimately develop a commercially viable product.
Distributors sought in the Benelux-Union and Poland with knowledge in Mass-Spectrometry for commercial agency agreement with technical assistance or distribution service agreement
Referentie: BODE20150825001, geldig van 27-08-2015 tot 26-08-2016
  OFFER  uit Germany
German company, specialized in mass-spectrometry for online gas analysis in industry, research and laboratories, is looking for distributors in the Benelux and Poland for sales and business development activities in new and already existing markets. Partnership is aimed at a distribution service agreement with technical assistance or distribution service agreement. Distributor needs to have the necessary knowledge for process analytics and preferably about services on the systems offered.
Novel technology for noble metals concentration from raw waste
Referentie: TOLT20150827001, geldig van 27-08-2015 tot 26-08-2016
  OFFER  uit Lithuania
Lithuanian SME specialized in electronic waste recycling developed a new technology for concentration of noble metals in the e-waste in the economic and ecological way. By applying ecologically safe chemicals and electro-deposition offered technology enables to reach 2-10% concentrate of Au, Ag, Pd. The company is offering a technical collaboration, licensing and commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Highly adherent nano-structured ceramic drug eluting coating
Referentie: TOCH20150826001, geldig van 27-08-2015 tot 27-08-2016
  OFFER  uit Switzerland
The technology, developed by a Swiss medical systems SME, is a highly adherent nano-structured ceramic coating that can be used on various substrates. Its anisotropic structure permits the creation of reservoirs to store a drug covered by layer controlling release over time. The company is looking for a partner, e.g. a medical technology company, who would be interested in the patent portfolio to further develop the technology and apply it to various products. License agreement is sought.
Urgent - Absorbent hydrophobic material of cosmetic grade and biodegradable
Referentie: TRBE20150827001, geldig van 27-08-2015 tot 26-11-2015
  REQUEST  uit Belgium
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for an absorbent particle material that is capable of significant oil absorption. Applications of these materials may range from sebum control to rheology modifier and have to be of cosmetic grade and biodegradable. Partners sought must have solutions already available and fitting the request. Technical cooperation is sought with industrial or academic players complying with the expectations set in the technology need.
Exploring The Opportunity for Small Scale Biomethane Production Plants
Referentie: TRUK20150827001, geldig van 27-08-2015 tot 27-08-2016
  REQUEST  uit United Kingdom
A Scottish utility wishes to explore the potential for small scale biomethane plants to be deployed on small, rural anaerobic digestion plants. If successful the technology could be deployed at rural treatment plants and could be used to provide a source of locally produced renewable fuel for road transport applications. The company seeks a technical cooperation partner capable of providing the technology at this scale on an economic basis for design, installation and demonstration.
German company specialising in mobility scooters, wheelchairs and high end battery solutions seeks trade intermediaries in Europe
Referentie: BODE20150826003, geldig van 27-08-2015 tot 30-08-2016
  OFFER  uit Germany
A German company is specialising in the distribution of mobility scooters, manual and power wheelchairs, high end battery solutions as well as accessories (ramps, tyres). It is one of the leading groups of high quality mobility scooters and high end battery solutions in Germany and Central Europe. It is looking for commercial agents and distribution partners in different European countries. They should have existing sales, service and logistic structure and be able to provide technical support.
A Korean SME looking for a foreign agent or a distributor for its supercapacitor with multi-functional smart grid solutions
Referentie: BOKR20150827001, geldig van 27-08-2015 tot 01-09-2016
  OFFER  uit Korea, Republic of
A Korean SME, one of the leading supercapacitor manufacturers in Korea, is well-prepared for providing cutting-edge smart grid or power back-up solutions. In contrast to the second batteries, supercapacitor can demonstrate its durability with over 500,000 cycles, high power output with low ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance) and flexible applicability in various “power” industries. The company is looking for an agent or a distributor for its product overseas.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 845 21 - 30 van 8442 resultaten