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Het Enterprise Europe Network ondersteunt ondernemers bij innoveren en ondernemen in Europa. Op deze website vindt u buitenlandse bedrijven die Nederlandse bedrijven en organisaties zoeken voor commerciële of technologische samenwerking. Het netwerk van Enterprise Europe Network bestaat uit meer dan 600 organisaties in ruim 50 landen. In Nederland maken Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland en de Kamer van Koophandel deel uit van dit Europese Netwerk.
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Innovative robotic cell providing high flexibility for handling different products in the production process
Referentie: TODE20150312002, geldig van 12-03-2015 tot 23-03-2016
  OFFER  uit Germany
The German mechanical engineering company offers development, design, manufacture and installation of special purpose machinery. The newly developed innovative robotic cell facilitates the flexibility in a manufacturing process due to the easy swivelling sideward. The German company is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance. It is particularly interested in cooperation with companies from Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia.
Non-toxic lead-free fishing weights and sinkers
Referentie: TONL20140211001, geldig van 12-03-2015 tot 24-03-2016
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch company has developed a range of fishing weight materials as a durable and non-toxic alternative for fishing lead and sinkers. Different material grades and product shapes are tested with anglers and produced on small scale. The company is looking for commercial partners and public water authorities which are interested in preventing lead pollution and willing to set up demonstration projects in the frame of commercial agreement with technical assistance.
New dike block creates stronger dikes at lower cost
Referentie: 13 NL 60AH 3RRD, geldig van 12-03-2015 tot 24-03-2016
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch SME has developed a new dike block to create stronger dikes that cost less. The product is made of concrete and produces greater wave abatement and less wave runup than existing bank and shore protection. The dike blocks have less impact on the environment than conventional products and are easier to put in place because of their shape and mass. The company is looking for concrete manufacturers to set up a license agreement/ commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Polish clothing company, specialising in the production of high-quality women's clothing, is looking for distributors and wholesalers of their products in Europe and America
Referentie: BOPL20150312002, geldig van 12-03-2015 tot 26-03-2016
  OFFER  uit Poland
A Polish clothing company with more than twenty years experience in designing and sewing women's wear, is looking for distributors and wholesalers of their products. The company is searching for partners for trade cooperation based on: acquisition agreement, commercial services agreement or distribution services agreement. The company specialises in production of best quality skirts, blouses, dresses and trousers, in a very wide range of sizes.
H2020: Company with close contact with public transportation operators sought for the development of a spatial decision support system for transportation planning
Referentie: RDES20150312001, geldig van 12-03-2015 tot 18-06-2015
  REQUEST  uit Spain
A Spanish SME is searching for a partner for the H2020-SMEINST-2-2015 call with the main goal of developing a Geographic Information System (GIS) - based decision support system for public transportation planning. The partners sought are companies with close contact with public transportation operators. The ideal partners are mobility consultancy firms or an Automated Fare Collection (AFCs) technology manufacturers, but other types of companies can also be suitable.
H2020-REFLECTIVE-5-2015: The cultural heritage of war in contemporary Europe
Referentie: RDGR20150309001, geldig van 11-03-2015 tot 28-05-2015
  REQUEST  uit Greece
A Greek university is preparing a project proposal aiming to empirically study the social representation of World War II in European nations. The Greek university is seeking collaboration with universities and academic institutions, museums, ministries of education, research organisations and and cultural organizations that have expertise in conducting societal, historical and psychological studies and/or are related to topics relevant to WW II.
Tuna fish, sea fish and smoked meat supplier sought
Referentie: BRCZ20150213001, geldig van 11-03-2015 tot 22-03-2016
  REQUEST  uit Czech Republic
A Czech company selling mainly dairy products, smoked meats and sausages is looking for new producers or suppliers to extend its portfolio of products. The company demands tuna fish, sea fish and smoked meat products with minimum meat content 85 per cent. Suppliers are preferably sought from Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and Croatia.
Suppliers of heating, plumbing, air conditioning, heat metering and renewables systems components are sought
Referentie: BRIT20150310001, geldig van 11-03-2015 tot 24-03-2016
  REQUEST  uit Italy
Italian company, leader in the manufacturing of high-quality valves and other components for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, heat metering and renewables systems, is looking for suppliers in Eastern Europe, Far East and America for subcontracting and manufacturing agreements.
Modular system of vertical axis wind turbine dedicated for small users
Referentie: TOPL20150311001, geldig van 11-03-2015 tot 24-03-2016
  OFFER  uit Poland
A Polish small company from electrical services sector has developed a new type of wind turbine characterised by vertical axis of work and a modular construction. The device can be exploited in urban environment on the roofs of buildings thanks to very quiet running and high safety of construction. The company seeks partners from industry for technical cooperation, financial and manufacturing agreement.
PS - call ICT-16-2015 Smart Plant Disease Identification (SPDI): A fast anamnestic and photo system for geo-plant disease identification and prediction
Referentie: RDIT20150310001, geldig van 10-03-2015 tot 14-04-2015
  REQUEST  uit Italy
An Italian research organisation is currently preparing a proposal under the call ICT-16-2015 – Research & Innovation Actions call, topic: Big data - research. SPDI project is designed to implement a new smart photo-system for a fast identification and prediction of plant diseases. The organization is looking for universities, R&D institutions or SMEs with extensive experience across phytopathology domain to hold bio-curator and advice activities.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 1248 21 - 30 van 12475 resultaten