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Het Enterprise Europe Network ondersteunt ondernemers bij innoveren en ondernemen in Europa. Op deze website vindt u buitenlandse bedrijven die Nederlandse bedrijven en organisaties zoeken voor commerciële of technologische samenwerking. Het netwerk van Enterprise Europe Network bestaat uit meer dan 600 organisaties in ruim 50 landen. In Nederland maken Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland en de Kamer van Koophandel deel uit van dit Europese Netwerk.
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Dutch trade agency company seeks business partners (manufacturers) who want to offer their range of OEM industrial equipment in the Netherlands
Referentie: BRNL20150508001, geldig van 08-05-2015 tot 11-05-2016
  REQUEST  uit Netherlands
A Dutch company offers agency services for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) manufacturers of industrial equipment. Their partnership is offered through the following services: New equipment sales, Pre-owned equipment sales and Procurement services. They seek partners that are interested in expanding their market in the Netherlands.
Rarefied gas flow and plasma simulation by Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) and Particle-in-Cell Monte Carlo (PIC-MC)
Referentie: TODE20150508001, geldig van 08-05-2015 tot 12-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Germany
A German research institute has developed a software based tool that allows for rarefied gas flow and plasma simulation investigating details about plasma discharges, particle transport and surface reactions. They are looking for partners to do further research on the product under research cooperation agreement or partners interested in a licensing agreement for the software.
A Bulgarian wine producer is looking for a glass bottle forming technology and equipment
Referentie: TRBG20150416001, geldig van 08-05-2015 tot 12-05-2016
  REQUEST  uit Bulgaria
A Bulgarian company, wine producer, is looking for distributors or producers of a technology for a narrow-neck glass bottles production, as well as the related equipment necessary. It is looking for an entire, cost saving and energy efficient solution that could satisfy their needs. The company would like to conclude a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Improving adhesion of acrylic onto cotton and/or polyester textile
Referentie: TRUK20150508001, geldig van 08-05-2015 tot 22-09-2015
  REQUEST  uit United Kingdom
The UK branch of an international developer of coating solutions is seeking novel ways to improve the adhesion of acrylic on cotton and polyester textile. Physical and chemical solutions are sought but also assistance with research into the problem. The type of collaboration with academic and industrial parties from textile coating related fields will depend on the stage of development. It may include commercial agreement with technical assistance, licensing, technical cooperation.
Use of nanoparticles in medical diagnostics
Referentie: TRRU20150507001, geldig van 07-05-2015 tot 10-05-2016
  REQUEST  uit Russian Federation
Russian medical enterprise working in the field of early diagnostics of diseases is looking for technology or the company which conducts researches in the field of synthesis luminescent silicon nanoparticles, and also procedure for production of the marked biomolecules. The enterprise is interested in the commercial agreement with technical assistance with future partner.
German company, provider for high-precision drives and systems, is looking for manufacturing agreement.
Referentie: BRDE20150506001, geldig van 06-05-2015 tot 05-05-2016
  REQUEST  uit Germany
The German company is provider for high-precision drives and systems up to 500 W (Watt). They develop and produce brushless and brushed DC (direct current) motors with the unique ironless winding. Flat motors with iron cores supplement our modular product range. The modular system also includes: planetary, spur and special gearheads, spindle drives, as well as encoders and control electronics. The company is looking for manufacturers of spindles, they are offering a manufacturing agreement.
H2020: Clinical researchers and industries producing functional food containing dietary fibre are sought for a colon cancer study in Lynch Syndrome patients
Referentie: RDES20150506001, geldig van 06-05-2015 tot 21-09-2015
  REQUEST  uit Spain
A Spanish research group from a university research institute on cancer is preparing for H2020 (Healthy and safe foods, upcoming call) a nutritional intervention research project for studying the influence of nutraceutical compounds on the prevention of colon cancer in Lynch patients. Expert clinical and research groups are searched on Lynch Syndrome, colon cancer, molecular biology markers, immunology markers, etc. Industries producing functional food containing dietary fibre are searched also.
A Japanese accounting company is offering their services to EU companies operating with/in Japan
Referentie: BOJP20150504001, geldig van 04-05-2015 tot 04-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Japan
This medium sized Japanese company is offering its accounting services to EU companies operating with/in Japan. They can deal with: accounting/bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, social insurance issues and provide legal advice. Thanks to their flexibility and knowledge of EU and local regulations they can provide a tailored service also covering bilateral issues. A services agreement will be signed with EU entities looking for such type of service.
Representation of novel laboratory products and technologies in the UK and Ireland
Referentie: BRUK20150430001, geldig van 01-05-2015 tot 07-05-2016
  REQUEST  uit United Kingdom
UK company supplies laboratory instruments, systems, furniture and R&D tools to research and academic institutions and industry. They are looking for manufacturers of innovative products to represent as agents in the UK and Ireland.
Fully biodegradable material for 3d-printing providers
Referentie: TOCH20150206002, geldig van 01-05-2015 tot 04-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Switzerland
A Swiss company engineered a fully biodegradable, composite, non-PLA (PLA = polylactic acid) material that can be used for traditional manufacture as well 3d-printing. First test series in 3d-printing have been successful. The Swiss company is looking for a partner company with expertise in 3d-printing interested in further developing and refining the 3d technology for the biodegradable biopolymer. Technological cooperation -, licensing – or joint venture agreements are possible.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 1088 21 - 30 van 10876 resultaten