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Het Enterprise Europe Network ondersteunt ondernemers bij innoveren en ondernemen in Europa. Op deze website vindt u buitenlandse bedrijven die Nederlandse bedrijven en organisaties zoeken voor commerciële of technologische samenwerking. Het netwerk van Enterprise Europe Network bestaat uit meer dan 600 organisaties in ruim 50 landen. In Nederland maken Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland en de Kamer van Koophandel deel uit van dit Europese Netwerk.
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"Ready to use" invisible and innovative optic taggants dedicated to authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions
Referentie: TOFR20141008001, geldig van 05-12-2014 tot 12-12-2015
  OFFER  uit France
A French company specialized in nanotechnologies, fluorescence and optoelectronics has developed an optic signature that allows an original and unique authentication and anti-counterfeiting solution. It can be incorporated into all types of material and used in all types of industry, without changing the design or the manufacturing process of the product. European partners are looked for license agreements, technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with technical support.
"tailor-made" 2D graphics, animations, illustrations, multimedia, computer games graphics and entertainment/edutainment applications for children
Referentie: 20130117004, geldig van 24-01-2014 tot 29-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Poland
A Polish company from Malopolska region offers "tailor-made" 2D graphics, animations, illustrations, multimedia, computer games graphics and entertainment/edutainment applications for children. The company seeks for cooperation as a subcontractor.
'Self-serve' Frozen Yogurt Chain Franchise
Referentie: BOUK20140113004, geldig van 13-01-2014 tot 04-08-2015
  OFFER  uit United Kingdom
The company is a UK based frozen yogurt chain primarily selling soft serve frozen yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, coffees and teas. They offer an innovative concept that allows customers to create their own frozen yogurt, milkshake, smoothie. They are looking to partner with trade intermediaries, in particular franchisees.
(Bio) chemicals refinery technology
Referentie: TONL20140729002, geldig van 31-07-2014 tot 08-08-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch SME has developed unique technologies in the field of (bio) chemicals refinery and biomass processing ethanol to ethylene and further downstream to (bio) ethylene oxide (EO)/mono ethylene glycol (MEG). The Dutch SME is looking for (preferably well-established) companies in Russia active in (bio) chemical production for a license agreement.
(Geo)Thermal Power Plant technology for Licensing or further Joint Development
Referentie: TOPL20130926004, geldig van 26-09-2013 tot 08-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Poland
A small company from Lower Silesia (SW of Poland) has developed thermal power plant (TPP) based on the Earth’s heat. In comparison with other traditional technologies (heat pumps) this technology supplies not only heat but allows to produce electricity, making it self-sufficient solution. This technology can be licensed to potential production partners or may be subject to further development upon research cooperation agreement.
100% bio-based polymer derived from PLA (poly(lactic acid)) with enhanced mechanical properties
Referentie: TOFR20140429001, geldig van 20-05-2014 tot 10-06-2015
  OFFER  uit France
A south west France research organization specialized in polymer chemistry proposes a new process to obtain, in a inexpensive way which is simple to implement, bio-based and compostable poly(lactic acid) with good mechanical properties for packaging, construction, automobile, aeronautics and household products industry. The laboratory is looking for partners interested in licensing.
100% natural essential oils producer from Latvia is looking for cooperation partners-amber dropper bottles manufacturers/suppliers.
Referentie: BRLV20141121001, geldig van 21-11-2014 tot 01-12-2015
  REQUEST  uit Latvia
Latvian company specialized in production of 100% natural essential oils from plants grown in Latvia is looking for amber dropper bottles supplier.
100% solar air-conditioning system with seasonal storage for autonomous operation
Referentie: TODE20140122001, geldig van 27-01-2014 tot 29-07-2015
  OFFER  uit Germany
A German engineering office has developed a system for solar air-conditioning providing sufficient cooling for thermally insulated buildings during the summer. The system has a cold storage that is charged during the winter. During the summer it is discharged to cover the demand for air-conditioning. Over the year the energy from the sun and the cooling demand is balanced and no further energy source is needed. Amongst others the SME is interested in a licence agreement or technical co-operation
18th century Belgian estate is looking for promotion partners abroad
Referentie: BOBE20140708001, geldig van 23-07-2014 tot 04-08-2015
  OFFER  uit Belgium
A Belgian company organises seminars, groups activites and teambuilding for SMEs in a magnificent estate in a very well preserved natural area. Located in the South of the province of Namur, Belgium, the company is seeking distribution services agreement and promotion services with works councils, tourism agencies or other organisations that can promote its tailored services.
3D Ion Milling With ± 1nm Z-Direction Accuracy
Referentie: 12 GB 403U 3QN6, geldig van 30-10-2013 tot 20-05-2015
  OFFER  uit United Kingdom
A South East UK University has developed a new ion milling technique which can produce complex 3-dimensional patterns on the nanometer length scale. This is achieved through the accurate control of milling depth to within 1nm. An opportunity now exists to license the technology for specific uses, or to form a development partnership with a manufacturing organisation looking to advance their ion milling capability or to explore new applications.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 1248 1 - 10 van 12475 resultaten