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Technology for manufacturing of prostheses and spinal jackets with 3D scanning and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining
Referentie: TRPL20141124001, geldig van 24-11-2014 tot 24-11-2015
  REQUEST  uit Poland
A Polish producer of rehabilitation equipment is looking for a technology for manufacturing prostheses and spinal jackets with the use of human body 3D scanning and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining of casts/ models made of plastics and foams. The line is to be comprised of a 3D scanner + software fit for scanning human body and a CNC machine for processing plastic or foam models of products. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
UK cloud service provider in employee engagement is looking for commercial agents in network countries
Referentie: BOUK20141120002, geldig van 20-11-2014 tot 21-11-2015
  OFFER  uit United Kingdom
A UK IT software company providing employee engagement surveys is looking to appoint commercial agents in network countries.
Agent-based intelligent and integrated control of sewerage networks and wastewater treatment plants
Referentie: TODE20141120001, geldig van 20-11-2014 tot 21-11-2015
  OFFER  uit Germany
A German university of applied sciences has special know-how in intelligent measuring systems to optimize the hydraulic structures of sewers and waste water treatment plants. They seek partners from research and industry to further develop and implement the systems that are characterised by low energy consumption and adaptability to different environments. Modern simulation tools are applied.
Procedure and system for the determination of epicardial fat volume from tomographic images, and related computer program
Referentie: TOIT20141119003, geldig van 19-11-2014 tot 21-11-2015
  OFFER  uit Italy
An Italian research group has realized a procedure that makes use of a conventional computed tomography angiography to obtain an estimate of the epicardial surface by means of three dimensional models, generated form a series expansion of vector spherical harmonics. The volume of cardiac fat is then computed on the basis of the voxels located within the epicardial surface and having an attenuation level in the characterstic range of adipose tissue. Licence and technical agreements are sought.
Distributors sought for ocular bandage contact lenses with unique rapid healing properties.
Referentie: BOUK20141118004, geldig van 18-11-2014 tot 21-11-2015
  OFFER  uit United Kingdom
A UK SME with access to patented technology offers ocular bandage contact lenses (corneal and scleral) for post-operative eye treatments that offer both physical protection and rapid healing through incorporation of Aloe Vera. Distributors supplying specialist, consumable medical products to hospitals and ophthalmic treatment centres are sought to build international sales.
Scaling-up capabilities in extracting a natural liquid concentrate from a leafy vegetable product
Referentie: TRUK20141118001, geldig van 18-11-2014 tot 03-04-2015
  REQUEST  uit United Kingdom
A UK manufacturer with a proprietary botanical extract needs to identify routes for scaling up. Extraction houses or other related technology providers are sought with both know-how and the capacity for actual scaling up, to 125 litres, from a leafy vegetable product. Technical collaboration is sought with the possibility of the partner becoming a future supplier.
Seeking suppliers of a breathable, open-cell material for use in cooling gloves and compressing clothes
Referentie: BRUK20141117001, geldig van 18-11-2014 tot 25-11-2015
  REQUEST  uit United Kingdom
The UK company is looking for a company who can manufacture or supply a breathable open-cell material for use in gloves and compressing clothes. The nearest product to what they are looking for is a breathable, neoprene-blend fabric with holes. They seek a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement to develop this partnership.
Suppliers of fleece fabric and anti-allergic silicone material for handmade toys are sought.
Referentie: BRPL20141107001, geldig van 18-11-2014 tot 25-11-2015
  REQUEST  uit Poland
A Polish company engaged in handmade toys production is looking for suppliers. Their collection of human organ shaped mascots is made of soft, colourful and anti-allergic materials. The company seeks producers and distributors of fleece fabric and silicone material. Long term cooperation in a form of services agreement is offered.
A unique cloud based software for smart metering and remote monitoring of energy consumption at buildings
Referentie: TOTR20141118001, geldig van 18-11-2014 tot 25-11-2015
  OFFER  uit Turkey
A Turkish company experienced in monitoring and reporting of energy consumption has developed a cloud based software which is able to work with all kind of open metering systems. The software not only reports the consumption of the energy but also analyses the habit of energy usage and provides suggestions for energy efficiency. The company seeks joint venture agreements with partners active in metering systems for further development of the software.
Biomass pre-processing technology and direct processing methodology
Referentie: TONL20141103002, geldig van 18-11-2014 tot 25-11-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch company developed a pre-treatment technology for wet organic material (<5 mm) to be used in bio-gas, bio-ethanol or bio-refinery solutions. The processed materials will lead to a fast fermentation time and the hydrolysis phase is reduced significantly. The technology enables to generate 10-15% higher yields. The Dutch company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners active in bio-gas and/or bio-ethanol production and bio-refinery.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 1295 1 - 10 van 12947 resultaten