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Phospholipids for the treatment of American foulbrood (AFB) in honey bees
Referentie: TOAT20150521001, geldig van 21-05-2015 tot 21-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Austria
An Austrian university research team has discovered a new pathogen defence principle, which proves effective in the treatment of honey bee brood diseases such as American foulbrood (AFB) and European foulbrood (EFB). The compound belongs to the group of phospholipids and is naturally produced by many organisms. The team seeks industrial partners in the pharmaceutical area/bee well-being product sector as well as R&D partners for license agreement, technical cooperation and further development.
Romanian SME manufacturer of sintered metal components is offering to manufacture new products and become a subcontractor for potential partners
Referentie: BORO20150511002, geldig van 20-05-2015 tot 20-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Romania
A Romanian SME, based on a Swedish shareholding, is specialized in the design, manufacture and trade of sintered products, mostly dedicated to the automotive industry. The company offers a team of specialists with recognized experience in the world of Powder Metallurgy. The company is looking for partners interested in developing and manufacturing new products and processes and is offering to become a subcontractor.
Danish manufacturer and developer of efficient and modern industrial cleaning solutions for the food production industry seeks distributors in UK
Referentie: BODK20150518001, geldig van 18-05-2015 tot 18-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Denmark
A Danish SME with 25 years of experience within the professional cleaning equipment business, is looking for a distributor in the United Kingdom. Potential partners could be chemical manufacturers, contract cleaning companies and equipment supplier companies.
Versatile cutting solutions
Referentie: BRUK20150514001, geldig van 18-05-2015 tot 21-10-2015
  REQUEST  uit United Kingdom
The UK branch of an international automation company is seeking new ways to diversify paper cutting systems into multi-substrate ones. Components and systems are sought that can cut versatile substrates including cardboard, polymers and textiles. The type of collaboration will depend on the structure of the procurement. It may include an acquisition, financial or services agreement.
Eurostars2 project for recovery of cooling energy from cryogenic liquid tanks seeks partner
Referentie: RDDE20150506001, geldig van 18-05-2015 tot 17-09-2015
  REQUEST  uit Germany
A German research enterprise active in the fields of air handling and refrigeration technologies seeks partner for a Eurostars2 project. The objective is the recovery of exergy from cryogenic liquid tanks and their storage with appropriate storage devices and systems, so that the use of anywhere, anytime for various applications is possible. Plant manufacturer for development and implementation of the cold storage system and freezer manufacturers to develop devices to use the cold are sought.
User experience research and design services to help create user-centred interactive products and services
Referentie: BOUK20150515003, geldig van 15-05-2015 tot 14-05-2016
  OFFER  uit United Kingdom
The UK company provides research and design services to help create user-centred interactive products and services. Their work is based around a philosophy of user-centred design, with an emphasis on evidence-based research from the fields of cognitive psychology and human-computer interaction. They are interested in collaborative, long-term projects with companies across all sectors by engaging in service agreements with them to enhance their clients' experience with the company.
Distribution of meat products in Europe and associated countries
Referentie: BOES20150514002, geldig van 14-05-2015 tot 17-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Spain
A Spanish company dedicated to the processing of products from the Iberian pig (cured hams, shoulders and loins) and to the production of sausages and new cooked and smoked meat products is interested in reaching commercial agreements with European and associated countries’ partners for the distribution of its products.
New technology to produce biodiesel and other biofuels from glycerol
Referentie: 12 ES 28G1 3O68, geldig van 14-05-2015 tot 20-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Spain
A Spanish technology based company has developed a new technology to get biodiesel and other biofuels from glycerol and any source of triglycerides. The new process increases the global profitability of a biodiesel plant, needs standard equipment and uses common raw materials. They are looking for licensing out the production and sales rights to interested companies.
Intuitive and visual project / process management IT tool
Referentie: BODK20150511002, geldig van 13-05-2015 tot 17-05-2016
  OFFER  uit Denmark
A Danish consultancy has developed a highly intuitive, visual and intelligent project and process management software that automates as much as possible in relation to managing and executing various types of go-to-market projects and processes. Having received a strong proof of concept from the current Danish customer base, the company is now ready to expand the market reach and is looking for commercial agencies in Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and UK who can bring the tool to the market
H2020-INSO-01. City governments sought to create new mobile services with the direct involvement of the citizen to open the city governance towards them
Referentie: RDES20150512001, geldig van 12-05-2015 tot 28-05-2015
  REQUEST  uit Spain
A Spanish engineering consultancy SME is willing to submit a project proposal within INSO-01 topic (ICT-enabled open government). The objective of the project is to create and develop new solutions for mobile services involving the citizen participation intended to foster the dialogue between citizens and governments. Cities and regional governments with open government, open data policies and transparency initiatives are being sought in order to complete the consortium.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 1105 1 - 10 van 11046 resultaten