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Het Enterprise Europe Network ondersteunt ondernemers bij innoveren en ondernemen in Europa. Op deze website vindt u buitenlandse bedrijven die Nederlandse bedrijven en organisaties zoeken voor commerciële of technologische samenwerking. Het netwerk van Enterprise Europe Network bestaat uit meer dan 600 organisaties in ruim 50 landen. In Nederland maken Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland en de Kamer van Koophandel deel uit van dit Europese Netwerk.
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Ideation, market exploration and contract research for the development of innovative bio-based products
Referentie: BONL20141124002, geldig van 26-11-2014 tot 05-12-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch SME specialises in early-stage development of value-added bio-based products from renewable feedstock. The company combines market exploration and contract research with its hands-on approach towards laboratory scale testing of the innovative ideas generated during project execution. Contacts are sought with owners of biomass (waste) in need of valorisation opportunities that are interested in joint venture agreements.
Incubator for lab testing and development of processes and technologies for biobased innovations connecting agro and chemistry
Referentie: BONL20141118001, geldig van 19-11-2014 tot 26-11-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch company offers a multi-purpose laboratory and testing facility, located on the premises of a large engineering plastics producer, to develop bio-based technologies with a focus on performance materials, chemicals and coatings. The company seeks contacts with large companies, SME’s and knowledge institutions to start development projects in an open innovation like setting.
New fire-proof building materials
Referentie: BOPL20141104001, geldig van 04-11-2014 tot 21-11-2015
  OFFER  uit Poland
A Polish company offers technology of producing and usage of new foam silicates materials in buildings. The product is innovative, patent secured, fire-proof, sol-gel, thermal insulating good that can be used in many ways. The product is highly competitive over the materials available on the market.
Polish company looking for municipal, preRDF and RDF (refuse-derived fuel) waste suppliers abroad
Referentie: BRPL20141022001, geldig van 23-10-2014 tot 31-10-2015
  REQUEST  uit Poland
Polish company is looking for municipal waste or pre-RDF and RDF (refuse-derived fuel) producers and owners. The company is interested in importing such waste to Poland. The company is offering distribution services and services agreement.
Specialists and suppliers wanted for an on-going Finnish smart village project and concept development
Referentie: BRFI20140929001, geldig van 29-09-2014 tot 07-10-2015
  REQUEST  uit Finland
A Finnish company with a novel concept of ecological and sensible living in a village-like environment equipped with digital technology is looking for EU based architects, module building or infrastructure developers, construction and energy specialists and landscaping designers for its on-going project in Finland. Partnership could be a subcontracting, distribution services or manufacturing agreement.
CO2 technologies for different applications
Referentie: TONL20140814004, geldig van 21-08-2014 tot 03-09-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch company is offering CO2 technologies for different applications proving that this waste gas can be used for sustainable productions. CO2 is already commercially implemented as an alternative for a lot of processes e.g.: drying, extraction, precipitation, disinfection, impregnation. The Dutch company is now looking for companies active in extraction of functional ingredients of vegetables and other plants for the use of CO2 technologies in food supplements through a license agreement.
A Dutch company is looking for clients in (bio) chemicals refinery technologies and biomass processing to promote their technology
Referentie: BONL20140728002, geldig van 29-07-2014 tot 06-08-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch company is looking for clients in Russia active in (bio) chemicals refinery technology and biomass processing to ethanol/ethylene or (bio) ethylene oxide/mono ethylene glyucol in particular. The company is looking for (preferably well established) Russian manufacturers or producers in the above mentioned industrial area's for commercial cooperation (service agreement).
H2020: NMP-21-2014 (2nd stage). Development of a plasma-based technique and protective coatings for the restoration, disinfection and preservation of museum objects, art, archive and cultural heritage
Referentie: RDES20140710001, geldig van 11-07-2014 tot 16-07-2015
  REQUEST  uit Spain
A Spanish SME is willing to submit a H2020-NMP-21-2014 proposal project, within the 2nd stage. The project aims to develop a plasma treatment technique to lead the preservation of cultural heritage. Therefore, suppliers / distributors of conservation products or technologies are being sought for the support in defining market and exploitation strategy.
Mobile anchor point and barrier system providing safe construction site conditions via work restraint, fall arrest or industrial rope access
Referentie: TOUK20140710001, geldig van 10-07-2014 tot 15-07-2015
  OFFER  uit United Kingdom
A UK company has designed and produced an innovative safety product which provides mobile anchor points and a safe environment for two people working at height whilst simultaneously protecting the public. Already proven in the market, license agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance are offered to manufacturing companies.
A Dutch horticulture supplier of UV (Ultraviolet) disinfection units is looking for resellers/dealers in Spain, Turkey, North Africa and Latin-America.
Referentie: BONL20140708002, geldig van 09-07-2014 tot 23-07-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch company designs and manufactures UV (Ultraviolet) disinfection units for the horticulture sector. These UV units have been developed by the company to disinfect the drain water from the greenhouse to ensure safe recycling without the risk of an infection outbreak. The company produces units with the capacity of 20 – 100 m3/h. The company is looking for resellers/dealers in Spain, Turkey, North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia) and Latin-America (Chile, Brazil, Mexico).

1 2 3 4 5 ... 38 1 - 10 van 375 resultaten