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Het Enterprise Europe Network ondersteunt ondernemers bij innoveren en ondernemen in Europa. Op deze website vindt u buitenlandse bedrijven die Nederlandse bedrijven en organisaties zoeken voor commerciële of technologische samenwerking. Het netwerk van Enterprise Europe Network bestaat uit meer dan 600 organisaties in ruim 50 landen. In Nederland maken Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland en de Kamer van Koophandel deel uit van dit Europese Netwerk.
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Novel advanced technology for realtime physical activity monitoring
Referentie: TOES20150216001, geldig van 20-02-2015 tot 25-02-2016
  OFFER  uit Spain
A Spanish SME has developed a system (device + software tools) to monitor physical activity. The system provides wealthy information that will contribute to improve and optimize the training process. Companies, universities, end users and investors from the fields of Sport Science, Biomechanical Science, Rehab, Health, Workers/Employees, Biomechanics Research, Training & Simulation, Industrial and Engineering & Robotics are sought for technical cooperation, financial or commercial agreements.
Process for separating ( glas-, carbon- and aramid) fibers and resins in composites for reuse in new products.
Referentie: TRNL20141211001, geldig van 19-02-2015 tot 25-02-2016
  REQUEST  uit Netherlands
A small Dutch company is interested in technology and processes for separating fibers and resins in composites so they can provide recycled second generation fibers and resins to producers of composites for reuse in new materials. The technic and processes must fit in a economically viable model. The company is looking for technical cooperation with a company or institute that has developed a recycling technique for separating fibers and resins in composites.
Algorithm for analyzing the electricity consumption of the appliances of an household from a single point of measurement
Referentie: TOCH20150216001, geldig van 16-02-2015 tot 23-02-2016
  OFFER  uit Switzerland
A Swiss private applied R&D center has developed a novel algorithm for non-intrusive appliance load monitoring (NILM) of domestic buildings. It automatically separates the measurement signal of the total power consumption of a household into the different appliances. They are seeking partners with expertise in monitoring electrical consumption & the development of mobile apps and electrical sensing equipment for research and cooperation agreements to integrate the technology into their system.
Photocatalytic material with superior properties suitable for water and air purification applications and a method for its preparation
Referentie: TOSI20150216001, geldig van 16-02-2015 tot 23-02-2016
  OFFER  uit Slovenia
A Slovenian research institute has developed a new photocatalytic material and a method for its preparation. The material is based on thin layer of zirconia. The measurements of photocatalytic activity show up to four-times higher photocatalytic activity compared to common titania photocatalysts. The technology is suitable for air, gas and water purification. Potential industrial partners for licence agreement are sought to apply the technology at an industrial level.
Nitrogen separation/purification from animal fat
Referentie: TRFI20150213001, geldig van 16-02-2015 tot 23-02-2016
  REQUEST  uit Finland
A Finnish animal by-product processing company is looking for technologies for separating, purifying or removing nitrogen from animal fat to be used as a raw material for biodiesel. Company is open for proposals covering the complete process line or partly solutions, either by licensing the technology, by obtaining a related service, via commercial agreements with technical assistance or by commencing a joint R&D project or technical cooperation agreement.
New technology for neutralisation of industrial wastewater, concentrated solutions and solid waste containing heavy metals
Referentie: TOPL20150206004, geldig van 06-02-2015 tot 13-02-2016
  OFFER  uit Poland
A Polish company has developed a new technology for neutralisation of industrial wastewater, concentrated solutions and solid waste containing heavy metals. It can be used for neutralization of effluents from electroplating shops, tanneries and also wastes from different hazardous chemical processes. The partners for technical cooperation, joint venture or manufacturing agreement are sought and also partners for further product development.
WATER-2b-2015: SMEs and Universities sought for a proposal on the assessment of climate change impacts on Water-Land-Energy Nexus at multiple spatial scales
Referentie: RDGR20150205002, geldig van 05-02-2015 tot
  REQUEST  uit Greece
A Greek University along with other EU Universities are willing to submit a H2020-WATER-2b-2015 proposal: Assessment of climate change impacts on Water-Land-Energy nexus at multiple spatial scales. SMEs with expertise in water quality-water reuse projects for results dissemination and testing are being sought. Universities for assessing low-carbon options and biomass quantification are also needed. Municipalities and regional authorities are also needed for implementation purposes.
Innovative street lighting poles with LED strip
Referentie: TOFR20150205001, geldig van 05-02-2015 tot 11-02-2016
  OFFER  uit France
A French company has developed innovative lighting poles fitted with a small LED strip. This innovation in street lighting enables to switch off the main light at a certain time of the night and still benefit from a less powerful light. Its consumption is only 3W of electricity during off-peak hours instead of approximately 100W. License agreements are offered to manufacturers of lighting columns as well as manufacturers of street lanterns willing to add this product to their range.
WASTE-6a-2015: SMEs and Universities sought for Green Material Exchange System (GMES)
Referentie: RDGR20150204001, geldig van 04-02-2015 tot
  REQUEST  uit Greece
A Greek company along with a Greek University and local authorities intend to submit a H2020 proposal under the topic WASTE-6a-2015 to aid urban/semi-urban areas to meet long-term solid waste sustainability and recycling goals. A material exchange system will manage recyclables' flow based on a web-based platform. They are looking for Universities, SMEs on socioeconomics, waste management, software development and results dissemination. Municipalities will be involved for evaluation purposes.
H2020-HCO 2015 Partner Search: prevent and restrain tobacco smoking in earlier stages using alternative methods & communication strategies
Referentie: RDGR20150203001, geldig van 03-02-2015 tot
  REQUEST  uit Greece
A Greek research team is preparing a proposal for the HCO-2015 call with deadline 24 February 2015. It focuses on developing targeted interventions and communication strategies in order to reduce & prevent smoking in young people in the early stages. They are urgently seeking additional partners: universities, research organisations & companies with expertise in optimizing tobacco cessation interventions, and designing/implementing alternative methods & new media for specific target groups.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 65 1 - 10 van 644 resultaten