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Het Enterprise Europe Network ondersteunt ondernemers bij innoveren en ondernemen in Europa. Op deze website vindt u buitenlandse bedrijven die Nederlandse bedrijven en organisaties zoeken voor commerciële of technologische samenwerking. Het netwerk van Enterprise Europe Network bestaat uit meer dan 600 organisaties in ruim 50 landen. In Nederland maken Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland en de Kamer van Koophandel deel uit van dit Europese Netwerk.
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Drug repositioning for orphan genetic diseases through conserved anticoexpressed gene clusters
Referentie: TOIT20140423002, geldig van 23-04-2014 tot 24-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Italy
An Italian university, in order to develop new therapies for orphan genetic diseases, has developed a new approach for drug repositioning. This method is based on identifying known drug targets showing conserved anti-correlated expression profiles with human disease genes, which is completely independent from the availability of ‘ad hoc’ gene expression data-sets. They seek partners for research cooperation agreement and technical cooperation agreement
Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in both type 1 diabetes and in solid tumors
Referentie: TOIT20140423001, geldig van 23-04-2014 tot 24-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Italy
An innovative direct enzyme-linked immuno assay (ELISA) kit is offered for the measurement in human blood of a protein (and antibodies against it) that is a reliable and sensitive marker of diseases such as type 1 diabetes and tumors. The assay has been conceived and developed in all its steps by an Italian university lab and already tested in preliminary experiments on some patients. An industrial partner is sought for evaluation of the offer followed by either acquisition or license agreement.
Waste water reclamation technology producing disinfected reusable water
Referentie: TOFR20140415002, geldig van 18-04-2014 tot 23-04-2015
  OFFER  uit France
The technology offered is a full in-house standardized waste water treatment plant using a biological treatment and producing disinfected reusable water. The low investment and the moderate energy consumption allow an economical treatment. The company is looking for partnerships with companies active in the industrial and municipal waste water treatment market. Different agreement possibilities could be explored such as manufacturing or technical cooperation.
Non-electric sewage treatment system for domestic waste water
Referentie: TONL20140416001, geldig van 16-04-2014 tot 24-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
A Dutch manufacturer of small scale sewage water treatment units has developed a compact septic system for the biological purification of domestic waste water from public or commercial facilities, if connection to major sewage systems is not available or too expensive. The smaller systems do not require electricity. The company is offering a commercial agreement with technical assistance to companies with experience in sewage or water treatment systems.
Dutch company seeks distributors for whisky, jenever, liqueurs, vodka and gin
Referentie: BONL20140408003, geldig van 15-04-2014 tot 16-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
This Dutch company is a supplier with a long history, offering different sorts of Dutch whisky, malt and liqueurs. The company is looking for new distributors or agents in countries across the world.
A Swedish manufacturer of security products such as interlocks and alcometers is looking for distributors of its products.
Referentie: BOSE20140414001, geldig van 14-04-2014 tot 16-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Sweden
A Swedish company, manufacturer of interlock and alcometer products is looking for distributors in Poland, France, Denmark and in the Netherlands. The products have the same high performance as the equipment used by the police and correct measurements are guaranteed.
Pharmacy self-learning platform for students and professionals
Referentie: TOCH20140410001, geldig van 10-04-2014 tot 16-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Switzerland
Researchers at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences have developed an online self-learning platform targeted at nursing students and professionals. It facilitates practical training in drug calculations and dosages with the use of simulated cases in an interactive mode. Training and health institutions, hospitals, clinics and continuing education organizations are sought for license agreement or technical cooperation, e.g. further development in HTML 5.
An Italian creative office on demand is looking for new trade intermediaries
Referentie: BOIT20140408001, geldig van 08-04-2014 tot 08-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Italy
The Italian company is a creative office on demand and is looking for trade intermediaries to approach to new markets abroad.
A Polish company is offering outsourcing services of mass-mailing, documentation and correspondence management
Referentie: BOPL20140129001, geldig van 08-04-2014 tot 09-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Poland
A Polish company is offering a full range of services and solutions related to managing documents, mass-mailing, incoming and outgoing correspondence management. The company is looking for partners who would like to outsource the above mentioned services to the Polish company.
Dutch company offers their environmental friendly cleaning products
Referentie: BONL20140407001, geldig van 07-04-2014 tot 08-04-2015
  OFFER  uit Netherlands
This Dutch company offers an environmental friendly cleaning line on basis of good bacteria. Their eco-friendly probiotic cleaning line consist of products that are safe and can be used for biological cleaning purpose. The biological components ensure there is an extra line of attack for a longer period. The products are categorized under microbiological cleaning agents. They seek for partners that are willing to distribute their range of products.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 814 1 - 10 van 8140 resultaten