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Novel non-peptidic calcineurin inhibitors immunosuppressants.
Referentie: TOES20151007009, geldig van 07-10-2015 tot 04-04-2016
  OFFER  uit Spain
A Catalan computational medicine research group in collaboration with a cellular signalling group has developed new compounds acting as calcineurinic inhibitor immunosuppressants with less side effects compared to the current immunosuppressive treatment. The groups are looking for pharmaceutical companies for license or technical cooperation agreement to improve and further develop the compounds.
A Swedish company is looking for manufacturers of women support briefs in the Baltics
Referentie: BRSE20151005001, geldig van 06-10-2015 tot 05-10-2016
  REQUEST  uit Sweden
A Swedish company based in southern Sweden has developed support briefs for women who suffer from female genital prolapse, and urine incontinence. The product is new on the Swedish market (2013) and is sold exclusively through the company's online shop. Until now the product has been produced in Sweden but due to an increased demand the company is now looking for manufacturers in the Baltics.
French manufacturer of metal coating, zinc plating, plastic and metal painting, chrome plating on plastics, offers subcontracting agreements
Referentie: BOFR20150430001, geldig van 06-10-2015 tot 06-10-2016
  OFFER  uit France
A French company, with a subsidiary situated in Romania, is specialised in surface treatment deposits, chrome plating on plastics, liquid paints, original and innovative decors. With a know-how in numerous fields and a thorough knowledge of its activities and its clients' markets, it is looking for new subcontracting agreements.
ICT-platform for large-scale mobility analysis and awareness raising for electric mobility potentials
Referentie: TODE20151005001, geldig van 06-10-2015 tot 06-10-2016
  OFFER  uit Germany
A German-based SME is active in the fields of electric/sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and civil participation. The company provides a personalized ICT-based e-mobility advisory platform for a large-scale awareness raising about e-mobility shifting potentials and as a decision basis for an optimised implementation. The SME is interested in licence, technical and research co-operations with organisations engaged in the e-mobility field.
A new economical concept of telescope for observation of distant astronomic objects
Referentie: TOCZ20151006001, geldig van 06-10-2015 tot 06-10-2016
  OFFER  uit Czech Republic
A Czech university has designed and developed a new concept of telescope that uses parabolic belt mirror instead of paraboloid mirror as an objective, which enables observation or astronomical measurements with good resolution in only one direction in a single shot. Scientists are looking for partners interested in joint further research and development and for companies interested in production under a license agreement. Research cooperation agreement and license agreements are sought.
Water treatment and grey water recycling system
Referentie: TODE20151006001, geldig van 06-10-2015 tot 06-10-2016
  OFFER  uit Germany
A German company offers a new water treatment system that produces drinking water from any type of water or wastewater. The system is based on patented hollow membranes that are integrated in a modular system that can be tailored to the respective requirements. No chemicals are needed. Water treatment companies and tank manufacturers are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Urgent - Technologies for a perfect shine-end result and surface gloss enhancement
Referentie: TRBE20151005002, geldig van 06-10-2015 tot 16-01-2016
  REQUEST  uit Belgium
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for novel technologies that can clean hard surfaces (e.g. floors, dishes, glasses) without leaving visible residues and are able to enhance surface gloss that increases light reflectance. Potential partners - both industry and research institutions - having the technical solution described are sought to allow a technical cooperation with the large account.
H2020 – 'LEOPARD' LEarning OPtical Accuracy Reconnaissance Device – manufacturer of machine tools and related optical systems sought
Referentie: RDDE20151005001, geldig van 05-10-2015 tot 01-12-2015
  REQUEST  uit Germany
A German company active in technical simulation is planning a project to extend the optical control system of high precision machine tools by means of a novel co-simulation (structural FEA/ finite element analysis) based self-learning adaptive regulation process. The proposal is foreseen for the call H2020 – Fast Track to Innovation. Potential partners for research agreements are manufacturers of machine tools and related optical systems interested in future methods of manufacturing.
New X-ray imaging technology to lower X-ray dose in angiography and fluoroscopy applications
Referentie: TOHU20151005001, geldig van 05-10-2015 tot 07-10-2016
  OFFER  uit Hungary
A Hungarian SME developed a new X-ray imaging method to visualise hidden motions. The patented data acquisition and evaluation technology reduces necessary X-ray dose to less than 10% for many X-ray fluoroscopy and angiography diagnostic application. The company is looking for partnership with manufacturers of medical X-ray instruments. The technology is available for licensing, and the SME is also open to joint R&D projects with partners interested in the markets of the EU and USA.
Urgent - Affordable small size re-closable bottles from 50ml to 500ml
Referentie: TRBE20151005001, geldig van 05-10-2015 tot 16-01-2016
  REQUEST  uit Belgium
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for affordable, premium looking and conveniently re-closable bottles from 50ml to 500ml that deliver the same equity shape and the same functional benefits than the larger bottle sizes of their brand. Industrial partners able to provide this kind of re-closable bottles are sought for technical cooperation or licence agreement with the large account.

1 2 3 4 5 ... 824 1 - 10 van 8233 resultaten