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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Innovative electric wheelchair that incorporates a lifting mechanism that allows the transferring of the patient
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish start-up company, from a technical university focused in developing support devices for disability and elder people, has developed an electric wheelchair that enables to transfer the disabled person without using classic lifts and making low efforts by the caregiver. The start-up is looking for companies interested in licensing and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance, and/or capital investors for a joint venture.
Spanish company seeks gas manufacturers for food, winery, refrigeration and medicine industry for a manufacturing agreement.
REQUEST from Spain
A Spanish Industry gas distribution company, based in Mallorca, is eager to deal with high quality gas manufacturing experts and obtain manufacturing agreements. The company provides Industrial gases for the food, beverage and medical industry. Gases produced and distributed are for example oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, gas mixtures, high purity gases, medical gases, food gases and gaseous helium.
Fast and cost-effective computational chemistry methodology to find novel hits against Alzheimer and cancer.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research group is offering a brand-new solution in the field of drug design and discovery related to Alzheimer and cancer. Thanks to an innovative chemo-informatics methodology based on molecular topology and original software, it can boost the entire process of “hit and lead” compounds identification. The research group, who has a wide international experience, is looking for companies and research centers interested in using this software via service agreement.
System for fixing armours during concreting
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish university has developed a new and simple system that allows to fix any type of armours in concrete construction elements during the concreting process. This system avoids the movement of the armours in an efficient and reusable way, preventing future expensive treatments in case of unwanted movements. It is characterized by its low cost, light weight, ease of use and versatility for any constructive element. Companies are sought for licensing or technical cooperation agreements.
Spanish company seeks French distributors for metal shutters
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish SME, with 40 years of experience, dedicated to the manufacture of metal blinds and enclosures for all types of businesses, is looking for partners to expand its business in France. Specifically, they are looking for distributors and installers of metal shutters under commercial agency or distributor service agreements.
Spanish company offering complete, personalised robotic, turnkey solutions for three-dimensional cutting within a manufacturing agreement.
OFFER from Spain
Spanish company manufacturing special machinery offers complete (peripheries, tools, software, etc.), personalized 3D cutting solutions within a manufacturing agreement for companies that require a precise, fast and clean cutting process. Suitable for all types of sectors and industries, the machinery adapts perfectly to the customer's process, product (material, geometry, specific features, etc.) and requirements (type of cut, handling, robot, etc.).
Spanish company offering a portable capsule coffeemaker for microwaves with patented protection system seeks license agreement
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company offers a patented portable capsule coffeemaker that has the size of a soft drink container, so it can be used everywhere, and be prepared in the microwave. The obtained coffee or tea stays hot for more than 2 hours in the same portable container. The small company is offering this invention's patent to a manufacturing company under a license agreement.
Open innovation challenge: In search of technologies focused on prevention and treatment of football players’ injuries
REQUEST from Spain
A world-famous football club in the Basque Country (Spain) is looking for a partner who can provide preventive and therapeutic technologies for football players' injuries. The requested technology should be based on a customised and customisable parameterisation of the modifiable injury risk factors and the cooperation envisaged for this open innovation call is that of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Spanish research center is seeking for an European university with experience on urban energy planning for knowledge exchange.
REQUEST from Spain
Energy area of Spanish technology centre is seeking an European university with expertise on energy planning to exchange knowledge in the area. This exchange includes staff international mobility for a short period, desirably with a department of development and planning or urban planning and management. Partnership sought is a technical or research cooperation agreement for a knowledge transfer on Energy Planning and future collaboration on a Horizon 2020 Call.
A Spanish SME is looking for distributors for a non-intrusive integrated system to detect epilepsy seizures at night-time
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish technology-based SME, expert in electronic devices and software development, has developed a non-intrusive integrated system to monitor epilepsy patients at night-time that alerts caregivers when a seizure is detected and generates useful information for improving medical treatments. The company looks for distributors of medical related products for hospitals and health centres.