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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Polish honey producer seeks agents and distributors
OFFER from Poland
A company based in Poland, specialised in the production of many types of honey is looking for new partners abroad under distribution and commercial agency agreements.
Experienced IT system integrator from Poland seeks partners for development in new markets
OFFER from Poland
A Polish company which delivers and implements complex solutions in the fields of IT security, business applications, IT infrastructure and others seeks distribution and subcontracting in new markets.
Polish SME offers professional software for simulation of processes is looking for financial agreement, distribution services agreement or services agreement with partners from Central and Eastern Europe.
OFFER from Poland
The exclusive representative of professional software in Central and Eastern Europe is looking for companies interested in optimizing processes, improving day to day management or design optimal layout for new investments with use of latest, powerful 3D simulation technology. As a distributor of software licenses, services and training courses, Polish SME is seeking for financial agreement, distribution services agreement or services agreement.
Polish electromechanical company is offering its electric motors' repair services to German and Russian companies under a services agreement
OFFER from Poland
Polish electromechanical company dealing with renovation of alternating current and direct current electric motors wishes to provide its services to other business on long-term basis. They are specifically interested in signing services agreements with entrepreneurs from German and Russian market.
Polish manufacturer of conveyor systems, steel constructions and agricultural machines offers manufacturing and services agreements
OFFER from Poland
A Polish designer and manufacturer of machines and devices, specialized in conveyor systems and steel constructions for different trades, dealer of agricultural machines is interested in cooperation under manufacturing and services agreements. The company has experience in cooperation with German, Irish and Dutch companies.
Startup from Poland engaged in software for the bookselling -publishing industry and e-commerce is searching for distributors and agents
OFFER from Poland
SME from North East Poland offers solution for the bookselling -publishing industry and e-commerce. The software is designed and based on models which are using neural networks. They allow to analyse the content of the book using the algorithm, to recommend it to potential reader. The company is searching for cooperation under distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement.
Polish manufacturer of natural, vegan skincare products is looking for a reliable supplier of cardboard tubes.
REQUEST from Poland
The Polish manufacturer of natural, organic and 100% vegan skincare products is looking for a long-term cooperation with a reliable supplier of cardboard tubes with flat caps.The company is interesting in subcontracting agreement with credible, foreigner partner.
A Polish leading producer of heating devices (electric heating boilers) and components of boiler room is looking for reliable distributors
OFFER from Poland
A Polish innovative producer active in the field of heating devices (such as mono and system electric heating boilers for central heating systems), as well as a wide range of hydraulic armature products is now looking for the partners abroad under the distribution service agreements.
Unusual Polish children's shoe store is looking for reliable manufacturers of high quality children's footwear in European sizes
REQUEST from Poland
Polish shoe store, offering children's footwear, is looking for reliable producers of high quality footwear. The salon is looking for footwear manufacturers, providing shoes which should be made only from natural leather. The shoe store is a modern decorated shop, in the form of a small town for children. In this magical town, built of interactive houses, children have many attractions and parents can buy their dream footwear for the child.
Polish trade company offers distribution and comercial services of ecological materials for finishing and construction materials
REQUEST from Poland
A Polish trading company is looking for innovative and ecological products from the interior and exterior finishing materials (for example natural wallpapers/wall coverings) and construction materials sectors in order to distribute them on the Polish market. The company can act as a distributor or commercial representative (agent) in Poland.