Dutch Biobased Building Boards for Japan

A Dutch company developed formaldehyde free boards, produced by bio-waste materials, applied at furniture, home interior and prefab constructions. These boards are completely bio-based and have a very high negative carbon footprint.


They are produced by a pressing process in which the bio-waste material is compressed at moderate temperature and fixed by an added environmental friendly binder.

The boards represents a sustainable alternative to wood chip  based boards and can be delivered in a variant combinations of thickness and density as well as visual appeal for the decoration market. In order to expand their market the company was looking for new distributors with a large network in fields like, carpentries, building, furniture and decoration industry within the framework of commercial agreements with technical assistance.

The Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands produced a technology offer in the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) project. This EEN profile aroused the interested of a few Japanese distributors active inthe building industries, since they are very interested in bio-based developments, which fit in the in the idea “People, Planet and Profit”. The Dutch company and the Japanese distributors recently signed a “letter of intent” for supplying the boards, when they are full in production. A very nice result, which emphasis the power of the Enterprise Europe (Matchmaking) Network.