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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Slovak company is offering an information system based on relational databases and object-oriented design for use in customs administration. Partners for further testing and development are sought.
OFFER from Slovakia
A Slovak software company has developed a new information system for use in co-operation with customs administration. This software creates internal documentation by using basic standards and diagrams generally used for documentation of structural or object-oriented design and the level of quality is provided by product control in relation to customer in each phase of information system development. The Slovak company seeks partners for further development and testing of this system.
Advanced scientific instruments offered to control your R&D projects
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech company has specialized for over 18 years in the design and manufacturing of bespoke high-tech scientific instrumentation that increases effectiveness of R&D projects run particularly in electronics, optoelectronics, micro-positioning automation, plasma diagnostics, vacuum control and high-voltage supplies. A capability to design high-tech instruments that will fit specific R&D needs is offered. Commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement is sought.
Morphologic optimization of fungi.
OFFER from Germany
A German university offers an innovative way of optimizing fungi morphologically. This is done by the engineering of basidiomycota for biotechnological processes. The new process enables easier and more stable processes with yeast-like fungi. Industrial partners from the field of biotechnology are sought for license agreements.
Romanian company seeks the integration of its farming management system with other complementary systems.
OFFER from Romania
A Romanian company specialized in precision agriculture developed a modern farming management concept using digital techniques to monitor and optimize agricultural production processes. The system is a compact integrated hardware and software device, which provides in real-time critical information about soil, air and light parameters, fundamental to the development of various crops. The company is searching partners for integration with other complementary monitoring systems.
Secure communication for emergency responders
OFFER from Germany
A German university developed a procedure to improve speed and security of communication tools used by emergency responders (police, fire brigade etc.). The procedure enables a secure communication with insecure devices, such as smartphones. The university offers a lisence agreement.
Advanced sensor concept for positioning and / or loading tasks in industry and logistics
OFFER from Germany
A German SME that developed a sensor suite for large gantry cranes offers the related sensor and positioning technology to industrial partners within commercial agreements with technical assistance. Applications are in position detection and control for automation tasks, position detection of mobile equipment or 3D collision avoidance. The new technology results in a reduction of costs due to optimized equipment utilization up to autonomous operation and easy supervision from a remote location.
Modular system for combined drug release control over time and space.
OFFER from Italy
A novel drug release system based on a modular technology has been developed by an Italian start-up, that works in the pharmaceutical sector. The drug release system consists in tablets that are assembled in a single structure and that allows to administer different drugs simultaneously, at different rates and targeted sites. The startup is looking for pharmaceutics companies for financial or joint venture to resume pharmacokinetics studies and to start the drug production.
A French Technology Transfer Office offers a innovative algorithm for designing turbine blades
OFFER from France
A French Technology Transfer Office (TTO) offers an innovative algorithm for designing turbine blades. The French TTO is looking for interested industrial designers for a licensing agreement or for a technological cooperation agreement.
Printed medical solution
OFFER from Italy
An Italian startup, specialized in bioprinting activity, develops 3D-bioprinters, key structures and compositional materials targeting human tissue repair and regeneration. The startup is looking for industrial partner working in the health-care area for manufacturing, financial or licensing agreement for the industrialization of its products.
Reporting tool for aviation safety occurrences
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech university has developed a web-based tool to support the reporting and analysis of aviation safety occurrences. The tool allows classification according to International Civil Aviation Organization as well as causal event chain modelling and analysis. The tool can be used directly by aviation organization to create occurrence reports compatible with latest EU regulations. The researchers look for industry partners to help in further development and commercialization of the solution.