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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Technology for coffee and beans cleaning, packaging and milling
OFFER from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian company specialized in manufacturing of equipment for processing coffee, cocoa, grains, spices and other foodstuffs, is offering technology for coffee and beans cleaning, packaging and milling. It is interested to find partners for service agreements.
Environmentally friendly foaming technology for refillable packaging and industrial applications
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company has prototyped a new foaming technology. Environmentally friendly gases such as air or nitrogen are used to produce very consistent microfoams. Manufacturers and users of foams are sought to jointly develop appliances, devices and processes, incl. refillable aerosol dispensers, fire suppression systems, systems to dispense environmentally friendly insulating material under technical cooperation and license agreements.
In vitro safety and efficacy tests for the characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other compounds.
OFFER from Spain
Spanish biotechnological research organization offers in vitro models to test safety and efficacy of compounds using eukaryotic mammalian and parasitic cell cultures that can be grown under static or shaking conditions in carbon dioxide thermostatized incubators. Some cell lines include fluorescent reporter genes that can be easily monitored to measure cell viability. This service is offered under service or research cooperation agreement.
Advanced 3D industrial inspection system
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish ICT research center offers an inspection system that applies machine vision to quality control. An industrial solution easy to integrate in production processes, capturing images of an object while it is in free fall and then detecting any deviation by means of surface, volumetric and metrology tests. The system also classifies a mix of objects into expected and non-expected ones. They look for partners to establish license agreement, manufacturing agreement, or services agreement.
Irish SME offers a patented disruptive non-contact liquid dispensing & printing technology for licensing, partnerships and commercial distribution agreements.
OFFER from Ireland
The company develops fully integrated automated systems for dispensing customer relationship managements (CRMS) for calibration of mass spectrometry instruments for Life Sciences & Industrial applications. The innovation brings non-contact, ultra-high precision, bio-material fluid handling systems at pico & nano litre dispensed volumes. Applicable to a sizeable worldwide market & available via mulitiple opportunities licensing, commercial distribution agreement & research & technical agreements.
A Korean company of probiotics looking for a partner in need of lactic acid bacteria isolation, cultivation, production and coating technology
OFFER from Korea, Republic of
A Korean company, specialized in the field of probiotics, is looking for a manufacturer, or a research institute, interested in manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation. It has the technology to separate, cultivate and produce more than 500 species of bacteria including 19 types of probiotics, accredited by the Korea Food & Drug Association. Through a patented SP-complex (Seaweed Polysaccharide) coating technology, their probiotics show high survival rate and acid-resistance.
A Korean company seeks a technological or research partner to collaborate on optical barrier tapes used on thin-flexible
OFFER from Korea, Republic of
A Korean company in the adhesive coating field provides optical barrier tapes that can be applied in thin-film packaging, solar cells, and display areas. It has a higher adhesive force than existing products, so it can be attached to the top of solar roof tiles at room temperature. This increases the efficiency of solar cells. Its differentiated process enables cost reduction. The company seeking a European partner company to collaborate under research or technical cooperation agreement.
Polish innovative company dealing in the construction of machinery and equipment for a specific customer order is looking for the clients abroad.
OFFER from Poland
A Polish SME specialises in building and reconstruction of production lines for automatic raw material loading, unloading, intelligent logistics with maintenance free use. With mature technology, it can be customised based on customers process requirements. The company is looking for partners whom they can offer their expertise in production automation and applications in form of technical cooperation agreement and services agreement.The company is looking the clients all over the world.
Expertise offered on advanced thermal engineering systems and technologies
OFFER from Ukraine
Ukrainian University offers cooperation in development of complex thermal engineering systems and technologies for aerospace and other industrial sectors on the basis of heat transfer loops and heat exchangers with compensation/evaporation and two-phase flows (water, freon, ammonia, carbon dioxide, cryogenic fluids, air-water mixtures). The company is now looking to develop its technology and know-how and is looking for partners in Europe. Research cooperation agreement is envisaged.
A Polish company developing industrial grade software for distributed robotic observatories is looking for service agreements and R&D cooperation in the renewable energy market
OFFER from Poland
A Polish company with an established position in Europe, dealing with software solutions for robotic observatories, space sector, ground segment, education and research is looking for foreign partners in order to develop on new markets. The company is looking for service agreements and R&D cooperation.