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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Development of Nanofluids for improved heat transfer technology
OFFER from United Kingdom
UK based research organisation looking to develop its Nanofluids for improved heat transfer technology by expanding in to new markets and sectors. The collaboration would be via a licensing or research agreement with the aim of developing the use of nanofluids to improve the cooling of surfaces within fusion reactors that are exposed to extreme heat-fluxes.
Method for increasing the concentration of tritiated water
OFFER from United Kingdom
A leading European fusion laboratory has developed a method for increasing the concentration of tritiated waste water whilst reducing the volume. The process involves electrolysing the tritiated waste water and then humidifying the evolved gas to reintroduce the Tritium into the waste water. The organisation is looking to break in to new sectors offering a simplified, lower cost alternative to many labs and waste disposal companies, via a licencing agreement or research agreement.
Self-cleaning antireflective coatings for increasing reliability and operation stability of photovoltaic plants
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research institute offers its expertise in protective coatings for photovoltaics in order to increase operational stability and reliability of the plant. The centre has developed a coating validated at module level (TRL 6) over glass and plastic substrates that provides super-hydrophilic, anti-dust and antireflective properties at the same time. They are looking for organizations involved in project proposals for H2020 calls for a research cooperation agreement.
Integrated System for Fire Management and Monitoring
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company has developed an integrated system (software solution), that is easily customizable depending on type and size of the client, for fire management and monitoring in real time. The Italian company is interested in finding partners with whom to develop case studies and test the system in real time conditions through technical cooperation agreements or research and development agreements.
A French Technology Transfer Office offers new functionalized polyolefins for utilisation in performance materials for licensing
OFFER from France
A French Technology Transfer Office (TTO) offers new functionalized polyolefins for utilisation in performance materials. These new specialty polyolefins allow the combination of commodity polymer advantages (low cost, low toxicity) with the added value provided by the new functionalities. A French SME is working with the TTO to scale-up the process. The TTO is looking for industrials interested in the technology for licensing.
Fault identification in direct current (DC) grids
OFFER from Germany
A German university offers a technology for short-circuit fault identification in direct current (DC) distribution grids. It is to ensure reliable operation of computers, motorized devices, lighting and others. The technology is fast and accurate and can work with existing hardware. Industrial partners from the areas of flexible power control and energy distribution are sought for technical cooperation and license agreements.
Development, construction and testing of an innovative contactless charging device for e-bikes
OFFER from Germany
A German company has developed a new, previously unknown form of charging station for e-bikes and tested it in several prototypes. They are now looking for a manufacturer/developer for these charging stations. The potential partners should be familiar with the production and development of contactless charging systems. The company is looking for a cooperation within the scope of a manufacturer agreement, research agreement or technical cooperation.
Establishment, repair and deleting procedure of disjoint multiple paths, redirection of frames and network bridge. Multiple disjoint Paths (MDP)
OFFER from Spain
An engineering research group from a Spanish university has developed a procedure that solves in a simple and distributed way, without route calculations, the problem of establishing fast multiple paths between pairs of bridges bordering a network of bridges that route terminals’ traffic connected to them. The cooperation types are license agreements, commercial agreements with technical assistance or collaboration agreements.
Cloud-based solution for the financial management of clinical trials
OFFER from Germany
A German SME´s cloud-based platform simplifies and automates crucial tasks for sponsors, clinical research organisation and study sites e.g. payment and financial management of clinical trials. It is ready to be integrated with other clinical trial software. Implementation is fast, the solution offers a new level of transparency, simple interface - all resulting in safe of time and more efficiency. To above mentioned organisations they offer license, research or technical cooperation agreement.
Catalyst support to eliminate contaminants and odours
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research centre has developed a procedure to obtain in a simple, fast and cheap way, catalyst supports for adsorbent systems for the elimination of contaminants or odours in gas or liquid phase or as particle filters or distributors diffusers of fluids (gases or liquids). They look for industrial partners to establish a license agreement of the granted patent or a commercial agreement with technical assistance to implement the procedure and manufacture the catalyst support.