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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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ICT-49-2020 : Collaborative Artificial Intelligence on demand platform
OFFER from France
A French SME created a collaborative Artificial Intelligence (AI) online laboratory to bring AI softwares to integrators and innovators in all sectors. They want to engage a wide user community, foster adoption of AI, via use-cases experiments. The SME is searching for a consortium to answer to the call ICT-49-2020 with partners such as IT infrastructure company, specialist of human-machine interfaces, and research centers willing to transfer their know-how to the society.
High safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology and products
OFFER from Italy
An Italian SME has developed an high safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology. The final product is a camper, built up with the same aerospace techniques applied (fibre-foil and resin infiltration) using high strength materials, such us carbon and aramid high strength fibres. The Italian design is applied on German pick-up or commercial van. The SME is looking for marketing and commercial agreement with technical assistance, mainly in Europe and extra-UE
New metal-free electrocatalysts for fuel cells
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research group has developed a new method for obtaining carbon materials with excellent properties such as electrocatalysts in fuel cells or metal-air batteries. They are characterized by their outstanding catalytic activity and low manufacturing cost, making them candidates to replace the current platinum-based catalysts. Catalyst manufacturing companies interested in the commercial exploitation of this technology via patent licensing or technical cooperation agreements are sought.
Development know-how, simulation and testing capabilities for research in the field of transmission gears in metal and plastic
OFFER from Switzerland
A Swiss R&D group is conducting research in transmission systems and gears made from steel and plastic. Test benches, measuring machines & calculation software are available. The experiences range from experimental and numerical analysis, design and calculation to efficiency, vibration, lubrication and cooling tests and the support of the in-house manufacturing (conventional and additive). It offers testing/research/development and seeks partners for research/technology/industrial collaboration.
A blockchain-based system for registered electronic delivery of data offered for licensing
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research team specialized in the development of e-commerce protocols, has developed a novel blockchain-based technology to provide multiparty certified electronic delivery of data. It eliminates the involvement of Trusted Third Parties (TTP), usually an obstacle to extend those types of protocols, and guarantees compliance with the current European regulation. A company willing to implement the technology through a license agreement is being sought.
A method for determining the state of human cognitive functions
OFFER from Ukraine
A Ukrainian University offers a three-component method for determining the psycho-physiological and cognitive state of a human. The method solves the problem of diagnosis of cognitive dysfunctions in stroke and cerebral infarction, of neurodegenerative diseases, in traumatic brain injuries, of determination the cognitive features of the human in the systems of professional selection and vocational guidance. The university is looking for partners for joint research.
Autonomous surface vessel for inspection of marine and submarine facilities and structures
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish SME, highly experienced in hydrography and offshore projects, has developed an autonomous surface vessel (ASV) for inspection of marine structures. This ASV provides a safer and cheaper alternative for obtaining marine data, as well as allowing the remote analysis of the data in real time. The company offers technical cooperation agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance to companies interested in the use or exploitation of this ASV.
UK company with an IOT based farming management solution is looking for test partners and investors
OFFER from United Kingdom
UK company has developed a state of the art technology that can increase farms' performance by boosting yields and decreasing water and energy costs as well as the other operational costs. They are looking for farmers or farmers union to test their technology in the field over commercial agreement with technical assistance. They are also interested in talking to investors for financial agreement that can help this product to go global markets.
SHIP-1 inhibitors for prophylactic treatment and/or prevention of infectious diseases.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research institution, in conjunction with two American universities, has discovered that the use of SHIP-1 inhibitors enhance the non-specific response of trained innate immune cells. This increased activity may offer an improved prophylactic treatment or prevention of subsequent infections by means of the enhancement of the memory and non-specific responses of trained innate immune cells. They are looking for partners, with not preferred location, to establish a license agreement.
Bulgarian SME offers its know-how for creation of multi-functional underground urban complexes under financial and license agreements
OFFER from Bulgaria
A Bulgarian SME active in the area of design engineering, architecture, intellectual property transactions offers license and intellectual rights for urban projects development under license agreements. The projects allow multipurpose use of underground levels of public facilities. The company is also looking for investors willing to finance their projects under financial agreements. The company has certificates from European Patent Office and World Intellectual Property Organisation.