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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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In vitro safety and efficacy tests for the characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other compounds.
OFFER from Spain
Spanish biotechnological research organization offers in vitro models to test safety and efficacy of compounds using eukaryotic mammalian and parasitic cell cultures that can be grown under static or shaking conditions in carbon dioxide thermostatized incubators. Some cell lines include fluorescent reporter genes that can be easily monitored to measure cell viability. This service is offered under service or research cooperation agreement.
Training for nurses in the introduction of catheters using virtual reality technology.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish initiative of specialised developers and nurses offers a virtual reality technology with controllers emulating the hands of the nurse to train in the insertion of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC). They are looking for partners, with no preferred location, to establish commercial agreements with technical assistance and technical and research cooperation agreements.
Characterization, modelling and validation of nanomaterials and coatings for H2020 R&D projects
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research institute offers its expertise in synthesis and upscaling capacities of nanomaterials and coatings for using in development of characterisation protocols and modelling, therefore being able to define specific needs from the industry as well as production of samples for the validation of the protocols. The company has links with nanomaterials commercialization companies. They are looking for consortiums involved in project proposals for H2020 calls for research cooperation.
Antibodies for the diagnosis and/or treatment of atherosclerosis.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research institute, in conjunction with a German research center, has discovered 18 antibodies that show reactivity against the atherosclerotic plaque, so that, they could be used for the diagnosis of atherosclerosis. Moreover, the use of one specific antibody, A12 antibody, prevents the progression of the disease and reduces the level of free circulating cholesterol and LDL. They are looking for partners, with no preferred location, to establish a license agreement.
Expertise in coatings and nanomaterials for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants for applying to H2020 R&D projects
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research institute offers its expertise in nanomaterials and functional coatings for concentrated solar power plants in order to increase performance and reduce costs. The centre offers their background and previous expertise for this field of application regarding self-cleaning solutions for mirrors, protective anticorrosion coatings, infrared rays absorbing coatings and nano-additives for molten salts and thermal fluids. They look for project proposals to H2020 calls.
Hand operated system implementable in a cell phone and method for diagnosing radiating elements such as 5G antennas
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish university has developed a system for diagnosing antennas through the use of a portable device. It comprises a probe antenna, which picks up the signals emitted by the antenna, a radiofrequency unit that measures the properties of said signal, a positioning subsystem and a processing system that carries out the diagnosis of the antenna from the obtained data. Companies in the communications field are sought to develop applications of the described invention under license agreements.
System for endoscopic spatial orientation
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish healthcare research institute has developed a system for endoscopic spatial orientation that can be used in endoscopic surgery.Its main characteristic is the configuration through an inertial sensor and a computer system, to control the spatial position. The institute would like to talk to companies interested in commercializing this system or developing it under a license agreement or research agreement.
Silicone device for cellularized membrane culture offered under licence agreement
OFFER from Spain
Basque R&D+I centre specialized in food and polymer technology is looking for licensees for a medical device they have developed together with a University Hospital of reference in Navarre (north of Spain). A European patent application has been filed for the device aimed at the culture of cellularized membranes.
High tech portable water purifier bottle
OFFER from Spain
A small team of Spanish investors have developed a recycled plastic bottle with a cap that purifies the water via an ozone system, allowing the consumer to fill it with water from any source to become drinkable. This system does not use chemicals harmful to humans and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, microbes and viruses from the water. They look for industrial partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance and R&D partners for a research cooperation agreement.
Wastewater treatment-pollutants removal and coatings for infrastructures
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research institute offers its expertise in waste-water treatment from different sources and industrial specific pollutants and deep expertise in design and production of nanomaterials and coatings with different functionalities. They can provide technologies for increasing reuse of water: corrosion and soiling/fouling protection, biofilm reduction and/or development of new materials for pollutants removal. They are looking for consortiums working in project proposals for H2020 calls.