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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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New active and healty ageing monitoring system for athlets
OFFER from Italy
Partners of an Interreg cross-border cooperation project, Universities, Hospitals and Special Agencies, have developed a system integrating wearable and portable devices (all of them newly developed) for elderly physiological parameters monitoring (regular heartbeat and vascular pressure, oxygenation, body temperature, ECG, dehydration…etc ) for a healthy aging. Industries and SMEs working in biomedial sector are sought for the system precommercial development and licensing agreements.
An italian designer has patented a multifunctional space-saving piece of furniture
OFFER from Italy
An Italian designer offers an innovative multifunctional space-saving piece of furniture that includes in all in one solution: bed, sofa, cabinet, bookcase and work surface. The invention provides several advantages both in terms of use of space and in terms of practicality. The designer is offering the technology under license and manufacturing agreements.
High safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology and products
OFFER from Italy
An Italian SME has developed an high safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology. The final product is a camper, built up with the same aerospace techniques applied (fibre-foil and resin infiltration) using high strength materials, such us carbon and aramid high strength fibres. The Italian design is applied on German pick-up or commercial van. The SME is looking for marketing and commercial agreement with technical assistance, mainly in Europe and extra-UE
Augmented Reality remote assistance
OFFER from Italy
An Italian software developer with over 30 years of experience has developed an augmented reality (AR) solution to support field maintenance operators. Based on a mobile app (Android / IoS), it allows technical backoffice experts to interact with the field operator (video conference) both to assess the situation and to perform the required tasks. The company seeks system integrators, developers, end users for commercial agreements with technical assistance or licence agreements.
New frameless window with high reliability, better brightness and thermal insulation performances at lower cost
OFFER from Italy
Italian start up specialized in innovative systems development for building and nautical sectors, has patented a window without any frame around the glass, with high thermal insulation, resistance, brightness and low cost. It ensures the maximum energy efficiency currently possible for a window. The company is looking for industrial partners in Germany, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands to perform a license agreement.
Integrated System for Fire Management and Monitoring
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company has developed an integrated system (software solution), that is easily customizable depending on type and size of the client, for fire management and monitoring in real time. The Italian company is interested in finding partners with whom to develop case studies and test the system in real time conditions through technical cooperation agreements or research and development agreements.
Electronic portable interface for epicortical activity acquisition and stimulation
OFFER from Italy
An Italian research team has been developing a novel advanced tool for recording superficial brain activity and provide stimulation. It is a fully integrated recording system, including an ultra-flexible microelectrode array with a custom chip for signal amplification, filtering and digitization. It represents a state-of-the-art tool for low-power bio-signals recording and provides enhanced performance if compared to available tools. They look for financial, research and technical agreements.
Smart wearable devices for motion detection
OFFER from Italy
An Italian Research Institute developed a data acquisition and processing platform on flexible substrate to interface physical sensors (e.g. strain gauges) together with commercial ones (inertial, others), with the final aim to design and fabricate smart wearable devices. R&D partners are sought to develop strain sensors and SMEs in the field of textile electronics to further advance the platform with a textile-based Printed Circuit Board, under technical or research cooperation agreements.
Italian SME engaged in research is looking for partners interested in financial agreements and joint venture agreements
OFFER from Italy
Italian company has innovative has developed a technology that thanks to a patented fluid dynamic design allows particularly comfortable culture conditions for the cells, efficient oxygen and nutrient supply and a highly homogeneous culture area. They are looking for financial agreements ( investors, venture capitalist), and joint venture agreements.