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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Irish online retail company seeks an outsourcing agreement from potential partners to supply items for giftboxes
REQUEST from Ireland
An online retail company from Ireland is seeking for an outsourcing agreement in order to find new and more cost effective items to be included in its novelty subscription gift boxes.
A Greek non-profit organisation that repairs old computer equipment for societal benefit seeks organisations willing to contribute such equipment through a supplier agreement.
REQUEST from Greece
A Greek social enterprise that specialises in repairing outdated/disused computer hardware for the benefit of under-equipped public schools in Greece seeks organisations that are conscientious of their societal responsibility and environmental impact to contribute such hardware through a supplier agreement.
Finnish tractor service and supply company is searching for suppliers of tractor spare parts
REQUEST from Finland
A tractor service and supply company from Finland is looking for tractor spare part wholesalers or merchants. The potential cooperation might be a distribution services agreement.
A Polish fish processing company is looking for suppliers of cod and other fish
REQUEST from Poland
The Polish company, formed in 1994, is the distribution of fish in both retail and wholesale. The company is particularly looking for new cod suppliers, including farmed. It is also interested in other species of fish used as a food.
French construction company is looking for a European supplier of windbreak net.
REQUEST from France
The SouthWestern branch of a French construction company, subsidiary of one of the leading European building and civil engineering group, is looking for a manufacturer of windbreak net. The sought cooperation is a supplier agreement, with a European partner.
German company specialized in sales and distribution of electronics and electric components is looking for manufacturers to promote their product portfolio under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement
REQUEST from Germany
The German company is specialized in sales and distribution of electronics and electric components. They are looking for manufacturers of electronic components worldwide to become their sales partner under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement. In this framework they also offer their customers electronic manufacturing services globally. They offer their services to increase their partners' sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa and organize their global product distribution.
Innovative Norwegian bicycle tire company, looking for manufacturers, bike brands, or retailers for bike-equipment and tires
REQUEST from Norway
The Norwegian SME has developed an innovative solution for bicycle tires: the world's first modular zip-on technology, allowing commuters and recreational cyclists to quickly adapt their tire treads to changing road conditions. The system provides the convenience of being easily able to zip their tire treads in less than a minute, without additional tools or costs. The company is now looking for manufacturers, bike brands, and retailers to sell their products in new markets.
A UK commercial agent for agro food, animal feed, fertilisers and solar energy equipment seeks new suppliers
REQUEST from United Kingdom
A UK commercial agent with over 25 years specialising in the trade of food products, vegetable oils, fertilisers, animal feed and solar energy products offers its services to foreign partners who are seeking representation to enter into new markets, under a commercial agency agreement. The UK company offers consulting, marketing and sales support to companies seeking to enter into new markets under an exclusivity agreement. The UK company has links in more than 20 countries worldwide.
A French cosmetics producer is looking for a Nopal Cactus supplier for a manufacturing agreement
REQUEST from France
The company based in Martinique created their own brand of hair products specializing in curly/frizzy hair and dreadlocks care. In order to develop new products, the company is urgently looking for a producer/manufacturer of 100% natural filtered Nopal juice to partner with under a supplier, manufacturing or outsourcing agreement. The partner should respect European standards and would ideally be located in Central America, Latin America or the USA.
Looking for manufacturer of custom mechanical tools to install wood decking
REQUEST from Luxembourg
A Luxembourg-based manufacturer of wood decking has developed an innovative new system. The company is now looking for a partner to produce the associated mechanical tools needed to install this new decking system. The ideal partner can design the mechanical tool according to the client's need, and be able to industrially manufacture it. Manufacturing or supplier agreements are considered.