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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A Spanish medical products distributor is looking for European manufacturers of implants and surgical material related to the spine willing to reach distribution agreements.
REQUEST from Spain
A Spanish company, dedicated to the distribution of medical and sanitary products and equipment (especially traumatology instruments) wants to specialize in the spine area and incorporate to its portfolio spine implants and implants removal and implementation surgical material. The company is looking for distribution agreements with mainly European manufacturers.
Dutch kids clothing brand is looking for Asian suppliers of children’s poly vinyl chloride boots
REQUEST from Netherlands
A Dutch clothing brand imports kids and baby wear and wants to outsource production of its own desgins to the Asian region, such as India. For their new product line, the SME is looking for new suppliers of children’ s poly vinyl chloride rain boots. The customer portfolio is diverse and supermarkets are an important distribution channel. Therefore potential supplier should be able to offer a low price level. A manufacturing agreement may be provided.
French SME is sourcing milk and whey powders to manufacture foods for young animals
REQUEST from France
A French SME, specialized in the production of milk replacers and complementary foods for young animals, is looking for suppliers of milk powder, sweet whey powder and re-fatted milk powder for calves. The powders or raw materials must comply with technical specifications in order to be incorporated into the final products, high-performance foods for calves. The company is looking for long-term supplier agreements.
UK events technology SME is looking for a NFC cards manufacturer under a manufacturing agreement
REQUEST from United Kingdom
UK events company that has developed a technological solution that incorporates both hardware and software to assist professionals within the events industry. The solution utilises near field communication technology (NFC). The UK company is looking for a manufacturer that produces the NFC cards in bulk orders when required under a manufacturing agreement.
Metalworking company in Germany offers orders to metalworking companies
REQUEST from Germany
A German metalworking company manufactures stairs, railings, guardrails, roofs and other elements from trapezoidal profiles and other sheet metal. Because of too many orders the given company is now looking for suppliers or subcontractors who could take over parts of the production.
Importer of frozen food and meat from North Macedonia is looking for food producers in the framework of commercial and distribution agreements.
REQUEST from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian company, importer and distributor of various types of food products such as frozen meat and meat products (chicken, turkey, beef and veal meat, pork and sea fish), is looking for new European partners (producers and wholesalers from the food industry) in the framework of commercial agency and distribution agreements.
Company from North Macedonia manufacturing machine parts, tools and services is looking for suppliers of raw materials
REQUEST from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonia based producer of high quality machine parts, tools and services is looking for foreign suppliers of raw materials for production of metals, rods and profiles. The company is looking for partners under manufacturing agreement.
Polish company seeks producers/suppliers of devices for sewage dewatering under supplier agreement.
REQUEST from Poland
Polish SME from Lower Silesia region seeks producers/suppliers of devices for sewage dewatering, which separate sludge into liquid and solid components for waste minimization. The producer's offer should include the devices with the treating capacity from 1 to 200 kgDS/h. The company is interested in cooperation under supplier agreement.
French insulation company is looking for glass and rock wool producers to work under a supplier agreement
REQUEST from France
Providing insulation solutions since more than 20 years, the French company deploys its great expertise to find optimised thermical options for a construction or a renovation project. The SME mainly works on noise and thermical insulation in attics, walls and garages. In order to provide its solutions to the market, the company purchases glass and rock wool. Since these products are not always available, the SME is looking for a EU certified provider to work under supplier agreement.
Italian start-up is looking for strategic partners who could provide fabric items for babies to sign a manufacturing agreement.
REQUEST from Italy
Italian start-up dedicated to the promotion of Montessori methods and tools looks for producers of fabric items for babies to be sold on their e-commerce platform. The purpose is to sign a long-term manufacturing agreement.