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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A Sicilian company offers technical and official assistance for the organization of conventions and conferences all over the world through service agreements
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company, based in Sicily, specialized in the organization of medical conventions and events provides different support services to intermediaries related to the organization. The company is willing to offer its technical and official services through service agreements.
Italian innovative company offers consultancy services to accelerate nanotechnology uptake in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications
OFFER from Italy
An Italian innovative company operates in the field of nanotechnology for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications. The company offers consultancy services (new product development, product line upgrading, advanced analysis, nano carrier systems development, import/export formalities in cosmetic field) to companies interested in developing new products and/or to import/export their products.
A Japanese manufacturer developed a shock absorber gel and is looking for distribution partners in the EU
OFFER from Japan
Based on earthquakes’ safety developed technology, a Japanese manufacturer is looking for EU distributors for its shock absorber gel. The gel can be used for interior of boats and other vehicles involving movement, to minimise damage to belongings. It can also be applied to protect mobile phones or other mobile devices from drop impacts, and showed effectiveness with regard to in-house/domestic safety for baby-proofing. A distribution agreement will be achieved with relevant partners.
Subcontracting in injection moulding and compression moulding is offered
OFFER from France
French company specialized in injection and compression of thermosets and composite as well as thermoplastic injection, is offering its services as a subcontractor to European companies. The French company is an established, independent and medium-sized manufacturer for the train, aeronautics, energy, lightning, building, medical and sport sectors or the electrical industry.
French company offering management of project support seeks partners for outsourcing agreement
OFFER from France
A small French company, specialized in project management support (process, development of tools, follow up) is interested in an outsourcing agreement partnership in Europe to complete their range of services and enter new markets.
A Swedish SME, specialised on making clean air in hospitals through technical solutions is seeking new distributors.
OFFER from Sweden
A Swedish Medtech SME is offering complete solutions, making clean air in hospital care through evacuation of harmful gases, to avoid gas exposure for healthcare personnel, and to improve external environment. The company is seeking distributors, on the global market, having a history of working within healthcare sector and working knowledge/contacts within the spheres of childbirth and surgery, as well as in other areas encompassing the fields of diathermy and laser surgery.
Macedonian manufacturer of paper gift bags seeks partners under manufacturing or distribution service agreements in EU
OFFER from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian family-owned company, specialized in the production of colorful gift bags from paper and cardboard, is seeking distributors and partners under manufacturing or distribution service agreements in EU countries.
French company offering eco-friendly weed killers, is looking for a distributor
OFFER from France
A French company specialized in development and sale of environmental products is looking for a European distributor of its certified eco-friendly weed killers.
Montenegrin ICT company is offering service of digital marketing to their partners and offers cooperation under outsourcing agreement
OFFER from Republic of Montenegro
In the digital arena where business and commerce converge, this Montenegrin ICT company offers digital marketing tools and techniques to companies from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They are looking to sign outsourcing agreements with a companies that require their expertise.
An Italian startup that has developed an innovative e-commerce model for the food & grocery sector is looking for investors and international partners for commercial agency and joint venture agreements
OFFER from Italy
An Italian startup, experienced in the food sector, has developed an e-commerce model for the food & grocery sector by which consumers can choose products online and collect them at special lockers when they prefer. It is a software-embedded automated system that requires very low implementation costs. It guarantees greater customer-side and back-office efficiency. The company seeks investors and international partners under joint venture and commercial agency agreements.