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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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An Italian SME is looking for agents, distributors for its electrical power transformers
OFFER from Italy
Italian SME manufacturer of medium voltage/low voltage three-phase electrical transformers is looking for agents, distributors of electrical equipment in order to reach and expand in foreign markets and companies working in the renewable energy sector for manufacturing and services agreements. Power transformers are suitable for application in different fields, i.e. industry, mining, military, oil and gas, renewable energy.
A Sicilian company offers technical and official assistance for the organization of conventions and conferences all over the world through service agreements
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company, based in Sicily, specialized in the organization of medical conventions and events provides different support services to intermediaries related to the organization. The company is willing to offer its technical and official services through service agreements.
Italian company specialized in the design and the manufacturing of electronic solutions for energy saving is looking for agents and distributors
OFFER from Italy
Italian company, specialized in the design and the manufacturing of electronic solutions for energy control systems (for example, power metering solution for energy metering and power quality analysis) and with thirty years experience, is looking for agents and distributors.
Swedish company is looking for European distributors for innovative smoke detectors/smoke alarms
OFFER from Sweden
The Swedish company has developed smart electronic products since 1985. The company's products are to make life safer and more comfortable. The company has developed smoke detectors that are reliable with 10-years lifespan without battery change and baby alarms with the lowest radiation in the market. As the company has increased sales in Sweden and other Nordic companies, the company wants to find distributors in European countries.
Albanian company is looking for new partners under distribution services agreement for coffee products & professional equipment and accessories
OFFER from Albania
Partners are sought for a company based in Albania which manufactures coffee products & professional equipment and accessories for making coffee under a distribution services agreement.
Albanian company producing, gathering and packaging medicinal plants is looking for distribution services agreement
OFFER from Albania
An Albanian family company is specialized in cultivation and processing a number of medicinal and aromatic plants. The company exports dried plants, such as lavender, salvia officinalis, lemon verbena, rosa canina, oregano, blueberry, coriander to customers in pharmaceutical, beauty and food sectors in Austria ,Hungary, Greece, Germany and Serbia. They are offering commercial and distribution agreements to partners dealing already with complementary health/medicinal products.
A Ukrainian producer of candied fruit is looking for partners under distribution services and commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Ukraine
This small Ukrainian family workshop from Kiev, engaged in the manufacturing of candied fruits and jam from natural products, offers these products to foreign partners under distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
A Romanian medical company offers or intermediates medical services under an outsourcing agreement, mainly for Hungarian or Serbian partners
OFFER from Romania
A small Romanian medical company seeks partners in the neighbour countries, Hungary and Serbia. The company offers bone density tests and clinical consultations for diabetes, endocrine and metabolic diseases. Other medical services may be offered through partnership with other private clinics. The partner sought should be any company (medical, insurance or commercial) that offers medical services and wants to increase the number of its providers under an outsourcing agreement.
Company specialised in manufacturing and bottling spirits is looking for European sales intermediaries and manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Germany
A German company specialised in manufacturing spirits, liqueurs and alcoholic mixed beverages is looking for partners in Europe who act as sales intermediaries. The company is also looking for manufacturing agreements in contract filling.
Bosnian manufacturer of upholstered and panel furniture seeks distributors in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro
OFFER from Bosnia and Herzegovina
A Bosnian manufacturer of upholstered and panel furniture is looking for distributors. The company manufactures custom-made furniture including sofas, beds, seating sets, armchairs, tables, chairs, cabinets and closets. The company plans to expand its network of foreign partners. Cooperation with partners would be defined in the frame of distribution services agreements.