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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A Dutch company that develops emotion-oriented care products for people suffering from dementia is looking for a commercial agency agreement.
OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch SME has developed an easy to use, mobile, emotion-oriented care product for the dementia care market. The product provides clients with an audio-visual experience in their own familiar environment which enables them to relax and feel more comfortable. The SME is looking for a commercial agency or a distribution services agreement with partners active in the dementia-care market.
Dutch producer of rice-based superfoods is looking for business partners in Europe under distribution services agreements
OFFER from Netherlands
The innovative SME from the Netherlands is a producer of sustainable plant-based food products that have functional and nutritional benefits. The company recently created a stabilized rice bran in powder form and stabilized rice bran extract. For further internationalization, the company is looking for European business partners, active in the field of functional foods and nutraceuticals, in order to conclude distribution services agreements.
Dutch developer of animated videos with spoken language, explaining official patient information leaflet of a medicine, is looking for commercial agents
OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch SME produced a library of more than 6.500 animated videos in which the most important information of the official package leaflet of a medicine is explained in easy-to-understand spoken language. The videos are customized by gender and age and are available in several languages. The SME aims to give patients more knowledge, understanding and motivation. To enter the market in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Germany, the company is looking for agents or joint venture partners.
Dutch specialist in chemical desulphurization of biogas is looking for agents or distributors in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and India.
OFFER from Netherlands
Dutch additive supplier to the biogas industry is looking for partners to market their products for desulphurization and methane enhancement in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and India. These products make it possible for biogas producers to reduce their hydrogen sulphide in their biogas and to enhance the methane yield of their installations. The company is offering a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement for partners with a broad network .
Leading Dutch online web portal for webshops in design lifestyle products is searching for investing partners in the frame of an acquisition agreement
OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch SME since 2007 active in the field of design lifestyle products for men, women and children is looking for new business partners based in Europe, Middle East and United States. With their web portal the company offers sales to selected webshops of high segment design brands. An acquisition agreement with interesting conditions will be provided.
Dutch company specializing in IT and cyber security event management seeks partners for commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Netherlands
Dutch company offers cyber security services worldwide, for example mobile device management, VPN-certificates and high-level security smartphones. The services are specifically tailored to the users' needs. The company seeks partners abroad for commercial agency agreements.
Dutch wholesaler specialized in jewelleries is looking for partners in Western Europe (BE, FR, DE, UK) interested in a commercial agency agreement
OFFER from Netherlands
Dutch wholesaler in the fashion industry offers fashionable jewelleries in stainless steel, gold plated and 100% nickel free. The Dutch wholesaler is one of the largest supplier in the Dutch B2B fashion market. The Dutch company is growing and therefore it is looking for agents based in Germany, Belgium, UK and France. In case of cooperation a commercial agency agreement with interesting conditions may be provided.
Dutch SME with novel real time sensoring of water quality is looking for end users and distributors in EU
OFFER from Netherlands
A Dutch SME has developed a sensor and software that allows for real time measuring of water quality and control of water treatment equipment. This allows organizations responsible for water treatment infrastructure to implement early warning systems to detect changes in water quality and / or to reduce water and energy consumption, maintenance and the use of chemicals. The SME is looking for end users for a long term service agreement as well as for distributors in the European Union.
Dutch company of interactive children products is looking for distributors in Europe.
OFFER from Netherlands
A young, ambitious, creative and innovative Dutch company designs soft children's toys. The company reinvented a nostalgic way of playing and has enriched the product with an augmented reality driven, interactive reading app for children of 5 years old. Dutch company of interactive children products is looking for distributors in Europe
Dutch producer of organic flakes, mueslis and granolas is offering a manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Netherlands
Dutch producer of organic and gluten-free cereals offers production capacity and technological support for the whole production line. Foreign companies that are looking for partners for the complete production of cereals, or have a lack of production capacity are targeted. The company is interested in concluding a manufacturing agreement.