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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A Japanese manufacturer of fibre orientation measurement equipment is seeking sales agents and distributors partners
OFFER from Japan
A Japanese manufacturer of thermal property measurement equipment is seeking partners for its fibre orientation measurement equipment. This equipment is the only one in the world that can measure fibre orientation inside moulded plastics using only thermal diffusion. Sales agents or distributors with network with laboratories, academic facilities and enterprises operating with fibres, interested to finalize a distribution or commercial agency services are sought.
Fully automated monitoring and leak detection system for flat-roofed buildings with just-in-time notification
OFFER from Austria
An Austrian start-up developed a novel surveillance- and early-warning-system to detect water leakages in flat-roofed buildings to avoid damages caused by water intrusion. Advantages are (among others): - Easy planning & installation - Low installation costs - No maintenance costs - Fully automated, uninterrupted monitoring -Just-in-time notification -Extending the lifespan of the flat-roof The company is seeking for license agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistan
A Japanese rotary damper manufacturer is seeking sales representatives in the EU
OFFER from Japan
A Japanese SME is looking for sales agents for its high durability and efficient dampers. Specialized in the sanitary industry, they would like to reach new industrial sectors such as automotive and aerospace. The partner would be part of their development strategy in the EU market. A commercial agency agreement is expected to be achieved with the relevant partners.
A Czech producer of innovative, modern cosmetics, nutritional supplements and medical products based on nature is looking for partners for cooperation in the framework of distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement and other
OFFER from Czech Republic
The Czech company deals with development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical innovative and modern products based on nature. The company produces cosmetics, nutritional supplements and other medical products and provides contract manufacturing - private label.The company is looking for partners to cooperate under distribution services agreements, manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement, mainly in Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
Distributors sought for ecological insulation material made of hemp, jute fibres and clay for the construction sector
OFFER from Germany
A small German enterprise is specialising in ecological insulating materials made of hemp, jute fibres or clay. The recyclable products are used for interior work and facade insulation of any type of building. The company is offering distribution services agreements to companies in several European countries that have experience and knowledge in the building sector and/or natural insulating materials.
A 100 years old Japanese manufacturer of technical ceramics seeks distribution partner in the EU
OFFER from Japan
A Japanese producer of technical ceramics is looking for a partner to distribute its products in the EU. The century old company is offering its technical ceramic products - parts, materials,etc. - for a distribution services agreement. They can produce a wide range of products for use in a various sectors, among others the medical and electronics sector. The potential distribution partner should develop sales in the EU and preferably have experience with e-commerce.
A Lithuanian manufacturer of food production equipment is looking for distributors
OFFER from Lithuania
The Lithuanian company specializes in the manufacturing of food production equipment for industrial bakeries. The company offers serial products (bread slicing and packing lines, bread slicers, coolers, bag clipping machines and etc.) which help to automate and optimize bakeries processes. The company is looking for possibilities to expand their sales to more markets and is seeking long-term distribution partners.
A Lithuanian furniture producer is offering manufacturing services and subcontracting and is looking for trade intermediaries
OFFER from Lithuania
The Lithuanian furniture producer is operating in a local and foreign market since 2010. The company manufactures a wide range of standard furniture for home and offices and is looking for trade intermediaries - agents and distributors. Besides this, the company is experienced in a custom design furniture - design, construction, production, assembling and is offering its manufacturing and subcontracting services.
A German company that develops and produces tailor-made solutions for stable climate and feeding technology is looking for commercial agency and distribution services agreements
OFFER from Germany
The company, located in Germany, develops and produces solutions for stable climate and feeding technology and complete stable systems for pig, poultry and livestock husbandry. It is a leading provider and high-tech specialist and is operating in international markets. Its target group includes small to large farms in the agriculture sector. The company is looking for trade intermediaries (representatives), in particular commercial agency and distribution agreement partners.
French distributor specialized in food packaging seeks European suppliers of plastic yoghurt pots, cream jars and aluminum lids
REQUEST from France
A French company specialized in food packaging imports and distributes plastic yoghurt pots to French farmers and dairies. It also sells plastic pots for cream and cream cheese. They are looking for new suppliers in Europe, able to produce between 30 -70 million pots per year with aluminum lids under a manufacturing agreement.