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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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French company specialized in beauty and health care sector seeks distributors/commercial agents, to sell their products under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreements
OFFER from France
The company is a French company representing high quality brands in the beauty and healthcare sectors. Their aim is to conduct cooperation and partnership with potential international buyers, importers, distributors and sellers of natural and high quality goods to increase this company's market share.
A UK (Scotland) cleantech energy company with industrial solution for recovering energy from steam seeks distributors/commercial agents for foreign markets
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK (Scotland) company produces energy recovery equipment that harnesses steam and generates power for industrial, waste and biomass processing organisations. The patented Twin-Screw Steam Expander technology drives a generator to produce low cost, otherwise untapped, electricity from wet steam. The firm is seeking foreign trade intermediaries, distributors and agents, to distribute its products on external markets under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.
Clinics or clinical associations sought to provide electrotherapy treatments for haemorrhoids
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company has developed a novel method of treating haemorrhoids (piles) and is seeking medical clinics to adopt the procedure and receive training. They are seeking either individual clinics or associations of clinics across Europe to use the electrotherapy device for the safe treatment of piles. The procedure has been approved for the UK and is CE compliant. They are seeking clinics with experience in colorectal procedures via licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Global distribution services sought for UK award-winning road safety warning triangle
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK SME was founded following a near fatal road accident experienced by the managing director, to design and manufacture road safety products for the global automotive/transport sector. An award winning road safety LED warning triangle is commercially available to assist road users during unforeseen stoppages. A distribution services agreement is offered to enhance the product supply chain for distribution of the CE approved device within the global automotive retail sector.
Global distribution services sought for an integrated motorbike and scooter road safety warning triangle
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK SME manufacturer of road safety devices, for the automotive/transport sector, seeks distributor and re-sellers for the global automotive retail sector. An award winning LED warning-triangle, concealed behind a motorcyclists registration plate, prevents motor accidents in unforeseen circumstances. A distribution services agreement is offered for this CE approved device.
French manufacturer of high quality fine enamels offers its expertise in the fashion, jewellery and watchmaking sectors under subcontracting agreements
OFFER from France
A French company of south-west France, with over 65 years of specialised experience in enamels miniatures, with a specific and rare know-how, is looking for partners to cooperate under subcontracting agreement.
Latvian plastic recycling company is looking for low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic pellets distributors and agents for cooperation under distribution or commercial agency agreement
OFFER from Latvia
Latvian secondary material recycling company is recycling low density polyethylene (LDPE) and plastics. Company is recycling waste into LDPE pellets. To continue their growth they are looking for distributors or agents that are ready to cooperate under distribution or commercial agency agreement and to distribute LDPE natural and grey pellets as well as to represent company on foreign markets.
Norwegian biotech company offering technology for highly oxygenated beverages seeks partners in the beverage sector for licensing agreement or services agreement with technical assistance
OFFER from Norway
A Norwegian biotech company is looking for partners that has production, distribution and sales activities in the beverage sector. The SME is looking for a partner, who would be interested in adopting their unique technology that allows for stable, high levels of oxygen to be easily added as an active ingredient in beverages under licensing agreement or services agreement with technical assistance.
Portable blood diagnostic medical device to be used in conjunction with a smartphone and App
OFFER from Italy
A project group composed by some Northern Italian professionals working in different sectors designed a device capable of performing a first diagnostic blood, urine, phonocardiogram, eye fundus and audiometric exams for humans and animals, thanks to special computer applications on Smartphones. A patent application has been filed and companies that have an interest in the licence, development and marketing of this technology are being sought.
Energy storage solution valuing low carbon available energy through lost heats for industries and renewables producers
OFFER from France
A French innovative company that offers energy storage solution to industries willing to improve their energy efficiency by lost heats recovery and to renewables producers is looking for partnerships through commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement or financial agreement. The company support the implementation of its solutions from diagnosis of the energy deposit to the implementation of its technologies and performance monitoring.