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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Serbian company retailer of spare parts and equipment for commercial and special vehicles offers franchise agreement.
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian SME, the regional representative of a large European retailer of spare parts and equipment for commercial and special vehicles, is offering franchise agreement for Eastern, Central, and South Europe. The franchise is offered with the aim of including local partners and broaden the range of products. The company plans to continually expand its sales network by building local partnerships and therefore is looking for franchise agencies which are already established in the field.
An Italian SME is looking for agents, distributors for its electrical power transformers
OFFER from Italy
Italian SME manufacturer of medium voltage/low voltage three-phase electrical transformers is looking for agents, distributors of electrical equipment in order to reach and expand in foreign markets and companies working in the renewable energy sector for manufacturing and services agreements. Power transformers are suitable for application in different fields, i.e. industry, mining, military, oil and gas, renewable energy.
A Sicilian company offers technical and official assistance for the organization of conventions and conferences all over the world through service agreements
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company, based in Sicily, specialized in the organization of medical conventions and events provides different support services to intermediaries related to the organization. The company is willing to offer its technical and official services through service agreements.
An Albanian tour operator, that offers tourism in Albania, is looking for travel agents and tour operators for commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Albania
The tour agency is based in Tirana. The company offers a wide range of tours in Albania, including adventure tours in the mountains, culture, culinary and seaside tours. The agency also owns a private beach in the city of Vlora and apartments in this city. It Is looking for travel agents and tour operators for commercial agency agreements.
Albanian company is looking for new partners under distribution services agreement for coffee products & professional equipment and accessories
OFFER from Albania
Partners are sought for a company based in Albania which manufactures coffee products & professional equipment and accessories for making coffee under a distribution services agreement.
The Polish distributor of natural amber care powder is looking for further distribution partners from Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
OFFER from Poland
The company from Poland, involved in the commercial sector, offers distribution of the amber care powder which naturally provides regeneration for skin and the whole organism. The offer is directed to the companies related with the internet sale, distribution of goods to those products primarily in the beauty field. The company offers a distribution services agreement and trade intermediary services to prospective partners from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
Turkish manufacturer of insulation product made from perlite seeks distributors and agents
OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish company in the construction sector is manufacturing a special insulation product made from perlite, a naturally occurring siliceous rock, volcanic glass. They are searching for distributors and agents in order to expand their business abroad.
A Polish manufacturer of ECG electrodes and cables for medical equipment is looking for distributors and commercial agents
OFFER from Poland
A leading Polish manufacturer of ECG (electrocardiogram) electrodes and cables for medical equipment is looking for business partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, France, Italy and Spain interested in selling its products on the basis of distribution or commercial agency agreement.
Developer of a device that purifies diluted inorganic acids contaminated by metal ions seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech company that focuses mainly on research and innovation activities in the field of membrane processes, offers a device suitable to purify diluted inorganic acid, contaminated by metal ions and thus reuse the acid in technological processes. The technology is suitable particularly in industries with high use of diluted inorganic acids e.g. in the metal surface treatment industry. The company is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Lithuanian medical software manufacturer offers intelligent solution allowing a connection of all medical devices into a unified network
OFFER from Lithuania
Lithuanian software developers, who specialize in the development of medical IT devices, have built an operating system capable of servicing all medical devices on a network, as well as providing access to and management of the medical data. The company is looking for partners to work under a license agreement.