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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Environmentally friendly foaming technology for refillable packaging and industrial applications
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company has prototyped a new foaming technology. Environmentally friendly gases such as air or nitrogen are used to produce very consistent microfoams. Manufacturers and users of foams are sought to jointly develop appliances, devices and processes, incl. refillable aerosol dispensers, fire suppression systems, systems to dispense environmentally friendly insulating material under technical cooperation and license agreements.
A UK supplier of CO2 laser cutting machines seeks distributors
OFFER from United Kingdom
A British supplier of a range of CO2 laser cutters with bed sizes of 300mm x 200mm up to 3,000mm x 2,000mm and up to 150W power, used for engraving and cutting coated / uncoated metals, plastics, wood, paper, leather, card and glass seeks distributors with routes into the education, sign making, printing and general engineering markets for a distribution agreement.
UK manufacturer of water pumping equipment for the building services facilities management and industry businesses is looking for distribution services agreements
OFFER from United Kingdom
The UK company that manufactures and supplies a range of water pumping equipment to the building, industrial or facilities services, and water sector is seeking to expand into new markets under distribution services agreements.
Seeking distributors for aortic pressure monitor that delivers a users' 'heart age'
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company has developed a pulse reader and app that calculates your 'heart age' based on aortic stiffness, an indicator of developing (and reversible) illnesses. The product is not a medical device, but is a fingertip pulse reader that detects and records arterial pulsations in the user's finger. They are seeking distributors of healthcare devices to take the product to new markets via distribution agreement.
Commercial and financial partner search for innovative and environmentally friendly pest control system
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK SME collaborating with EU partners has developed an innovative rodent pest control system designed to supersede current systems which rely on anticoagulant toxins currently in the process of being further restricted from the market due to safety and environmental residue concerns. It is safe, economic, has a higher kill rate and does not cause toxin resistant issues. The SME seeks manufacturing and distribution partners but also investment partners for joint venture and/or equity share.
UK fashion designer specialised in ladies formal clothing is interested in distribution and subcontracting agreements.
OFFER from United Kingdom
UK, London based womenswear company that specialises in designing glamorous collections and bespoke garments for celebrations and formal events. The company has been featured in a well-known global fashion magazine and garments have been worn by European royalty and people in the public eye. The company is interested in distribution agreements for the brands existing collections and also is able to create bespoke designs for occasions under a subcontracting agreement.
A British start-up designing recyclable outerwear garments is looking for sustainable production partners
REQUEST from United Kingdom
The UK company is a start-up British brand designing sustainable womenswear for the circular fashion industry. They are looking for a manufacturer for the production of their environmentally friendly and sustainable performance outerwear coats. Ideally, but optionally, partners will have disassembling facilities to help the UK company recycle and upcycle these garments.
UK start-up fashion label for ready-to-wear premium womenswear seeks manufacturers of high-end clothing under manufacturing agreements
REQUEST from United Kingdom
An award-winning British designer of luxury women's clothing is seeking manufacturers of premium dresses, woven tops, skirts, outerwear (wool and cashmere coats, leather jackets, etc.) and small goods. This start-up label is looking to partner with low-volume luxury garment manufacturers under long and mutually-beneficial manufacturing agreements in which the two companies will grow together.
UK book swapping company is looking for a delivery solution under a services agreement
REQUEST from United Kingdom
The London-based company is a customer-to-customer digital marketplace for people to swap physical books. The company has already successfully launched in Estonia and is now preparing to launch the product in the UK and in Finland. The company is a low cost service for everybody to find and easily get any kind of physical book from the second hand market. It is looking to partner with parcel delivery companies in Europe under a services agreement.
UK SME offers a self-repairing industrial robot system which eliminates planned and unplanned downtimes for large scale manufacturers
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK SME has developed a self-repairing industrial robot system using a patented novel method which eliminates planned and unplanned downtime and system failures. They now wish to engage with partners to further develop the innovation to a proof of concept and demonstration stage and also open to license agreements to companies wishing to adopt their invention.