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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Portuguese consultancy company, specialist in recruitment & driver online training seeks subcontracting / outsourcing opportunities
OFFER from Portugal
Portuguese consultancy company specialist in recruitment & driver online training offers its advanced driving training programme to companies / drivers to improve their behaviour's performances. Their programme provides flexible, time efficient training under a dedicated project manager to individuals and groups. The company have significant driver database ready to fill the needs of drivers in any European country. Partnership will take form of subcontracting/outsourcing agreements.
Slovenian company offers cross-organizational data exchange in global supply chains and corporate environments
OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian company specializing in cross-organizational data exchange in global supply chains and corporate environments is looking for partners from EU and beyond. Education, consulting, and implementation of value-driven applications bring blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to concrete business cases. Commercial agency agreement is offered to partners.
Slovenian manufacturer of innovative products from aluminium for sports and leisure seeks long-term distributors
OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian producer is developing innovative aluminium products, such as flexible modular outdoor elements for fitness, learning, market or socializing environments; a smart climbing wall; an award-winning deckchair and other products for sports, leisure and everyday use. The company is looking for a partner from EU and beyond, who would distribute their outdoor equipment programmes, offering a distribution services agreement.
Portuguese pastry and confectionery manufacturer is searching for distributors for its products through distribution services agreement
OFFER from Portugal
Portuguese company from Madeira Island specialized in the production of traditional regional cakes, biscuits and candies, such as honey cake (sugar cane honey), honey biscuits and candy, is looking for distributors to sell its products abroad through distribution services agreement.
A Slovenian manufacturer of fermentation jars and kits for making homemade kefir and cheese is looking for suplier of bottles (borosilicate glass) with wide mouth and leak proof lid
REQUEST from Slovenia
A Slovenian company, specialised in manufacturing material (fermentation jars and kits) for making kefir and cheese at home, is looking for supplier of bottles made out of borosilicate glass with a wide mouth and leak proof lid (BPA free plastic) for different cultures. A supplier agreement will be signed.
Portuguese pastry and confectionery is looking for producers and suppliers of ground spices through distribution agreement
REQUEST from Portugal
A Portuguese company from Madeira Island, specialised in the production of traditional regional cakes, biscuits and candies, such as honey cake (sugar cane honey), honey biscuits and candy, is searching for ingredients producers and suppliers, namely ground spices (nutmeg, clove, anise and cinnamon) to establish a distribution services agreement.
Targeted anti-cancer drug delivery system
OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian research institution has developed a specific bio-molecular drug delivery system using a selective cathepsin inhibitor as a guiding molecule towards cancer sites. The invention solves the problem of safety and accuracy of drug delivery to the cancer target site. The researchers seek research cooperation for pre-clinical studies, clinical trials followed by upscaling the production according to the good manufacturing practices.
Portuguese provider of smart furniture manufacturing management software is seeking to enter into a license agreement with partners that are looking for end-to-end production solutions
OFFER from Portugal
This Portuguese based company developed a reliable and versatile tri-dimensional configurator for long-term industrial needs. The SME offers a 3D solution to partners that are seeking technologies that connect them to enterprise intelligence and optimise their manufacturing processes, by saving time, and improving manufacturing productivity. The company is aiming to form partnerships with furniture manufacturers, carpenters, designers, architects and retailers under a license agreement.
Portuguese chocolate producer company is looking for cocoa suppliers to establish supplier agreements
REQUEST from Portugal
Portuguese chocolate producer company from Madeira Island is looking for suppliers of roasted cocoa or nibs, preferably "forastero" or "trinitarian", with expiration dates of 1 year. This raw material will be used for the company's handmade chocolates, to which exotic flavors from Madeira are added. All production is made without additives, only with natural products in an ecological philosophy. This company wants to establish supplier agreements.
Portuguese company specialized in street furniture, coatings and pavements is looking for commercial and distributions agreements
OFFER from Portugal
Portuguese group of companies founded in 1973 in the central region of Portugal and constituted by prefabricated concrete and stone compounding industries. These industries develop innovative technical solutions for coatings and street furniture. They include 4 distinct industrial brands. The company is seeking for foreign partners to act as distributors and/or commercial agents.