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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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An Italian SME is looking for agents, distributors for its electrical power transformers
OFFER from Italy
Italian SME manufacturer of medium voltage/low voltage three-phase electrical transformers is looking for agents, distributors of electrical equipment in order to reach and expand in foreign markets and companies working in the renewable energy sector for manufacturing and services agreements. Power transformers are suitable for application in different fields, i.e. industry, mining, military, oil and gas, renewable energy.
A Sicilian company offers technical and official assistance for the organization of conventions and conferences all over the world through service agreements
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company, based in Sicily, specialized in the organization of medical conventions and events provides different support services to intermediaries related to the organization. The company is willing to offer its technical and official services through service agreements.
Slovenian company active in processing of soft polyurethane foam and textiles offers its services and products under manufacturing agreements, subcontracting and/or outsourcing agreements
OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian company active in cutting and designing soft polyurethane foam, is looking for cooperation with companies in the packaging industry, upholstery, footwear industry and in the automotive industry in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary and Italy. The company is already active on foreign markets with its products and services, and is now looking for new business opportunities: manufacturing agreements, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements are sought.
Italian handcrafted coffee roasting company seeking distributors in selected EU, Middle East and North Africa countries
OFFER from Italy
Italian company producing high-quality handcrafted roasted coffee is looking for distributors within selected countries located in the EU, Middle East and North Africa, able to introduce it into new markets on a long-term cooperation basis. The Ho.Re.Ca (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café) sector is the main target, but the company is also active in the household market and is open to new supplies, depending on the market structure and on the distributor's connections.
Italian company specialized in production of equipment for processing, handling and storing materials in construction and industry is looking for distributors
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company manufactures equipment for processing, handling and storing materials in construction and industry sectors. The company would like to broaden its market, so they are looking for wholesalers and retailers and also commercial partners that could provide their distribution services.
Italian trade company specialised in espresso coffee capsules is looking for distributors in selected EU countries
OFFER from Italy
Italian young, fast-growing company located in Piemonte region (Northern Italy) and devoted to high-quality espresso coffee trade, is willing to enlarge its distribution network within the EU. Distributors located in selected EU countries, holding connections with local food stores, retails stores on small scale and the HO.RE.CA (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café) sector are sought (no large-scale retail channels and/or mass retailers). Cooperation is foreseen under distribution services agreement.
Italian manufacturer of LED lamp and lighting systems is looking for distributors
OFFER from Italy
An Italian manufacturer of LED lighting systems suitable for street and residential lighting and industrial use is looking for distributors in Europe. The company based in southern Italy is well established on its domestic market and wishes to expand its international market in Europe above all: Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The company is looking for international cooperation under an agreement on distribution services.
Italian company producing pasta made of legumes is looking for distributors
OFFER from Italy
Small Italian company, located in the North-East of Italy, produces organic pasta made of 100% legumes flour. The production is free of genetically modified organism (GMO), with no added thickeners or preservatives. The company offers its products under a distribution services agreement.
An Italian company specialized in men’s fashion and producer of formal and classic suits is looking for distributors.
OFFER from Italy
The Italian tailoring company, founded in 2012, is located in Puglia, a southern region, and it is a producer of formal and classic suits. Each collection is an expression of ”Made in Italy” and the excellent tailoring that characterizes Italian fashion. The company researches the best fabrics, takes care of every detail to achieve the highest quality packaging. The company is looking for business partners in European Union countries. Distribution services agreements are sought.
Italian manufacturer of artistic and decorative water taps and fountains for street furniture and urban equipment is looking for distribution opportunities abroad
OFFER from Italy
Italian company with longstanding expertise in producing ball valves and taps for industrial use, has recently diversified its production by manufacturing decorative water taps and fountains to be installed in gardens and other exterior locations, for public and/or private users. The company is now seeking new business opportunities with potential partners from the selected countries, active in urban furniture and interested in enlarging their current portfolio through distribution agreements.