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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Serbian company retailer of spare parts and equipment for commercial and special vehicles offers franchise agreement.
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian SME, the regional representative of a large European retailer of spare parts and equipment for commercial and special vehicles, is offering franchise agreement for Eastern, Central, and South Europe. The franchise is offered with the aim of including local partners and broaden the range of products. The company plans to continually expand its sales network by building local partnerships and therefore is looking for franchise agencies which are already established in the field.
A Serbian five-star modern hotel in the city center is looking for travel agents for commercial agency agreement in area of city tourism
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian five-star modern hotel, located in the biggest town in south of the country (Niš) is seeking for foreign travel agencies in order to establish commercial agency agreement. The hotel offers various types of services, accommodation, as well as city tourism options.
Serbian company active in the wellness and wellbeing sector is searching for hotel partners in a skiing resort or at the seaside under distribution services agreements
OFFER from Serbia
Serbian company, the leading service provider in the wellness, beauty and wellbeing sector at the Serbian market, is looking for international partners in order to conclude distribution services agreements. The company organizes visiting holistic programs in collaboration with the partners abroad. Partners sought are hotels in skiing resorts or at the seaside, in the off-season period.
A Serbian manufacturer of women shoes is looking for distribution agreements in order to sell their shoes in the rest of Europe
OFFER from Serbia
A family owned company specialized in manufacturing of women shoes, safety clogs and traditional Balkan clogs is looking for partners with the network of professional shops through distribution service agreement . All shoes and clogs are CE-marked according to current European standards. The Serbian company is offering products produced by experienced material suppliers and advanced technology in order to produce a functional shoe.
Serbian manufacture of a device for keeping wine fresh offers licence agreement
OFFER from Serbia
Serbian company developed a device for pouring, preservation and distribution of bottled beverages, primarily wine per glass. The device has small dimensions, consisting of cork and base device, compatible with existing wine refrigerators, and can keep the wine fresh for up to two months in an inert gas atmosphere. The device can also handle an unlimited number of opened bottles. The company is looking for a license agreement with a manufacturer or distributor for wineries and HoReCa facilities.
Serbian producer of children clothes, with more than 30 years of experience, is searching for distributors
OFFER from Serbia
The Serbian company is specialized in the production of children clothes, for children between 0-14 years of age. They see themselves as the leader of children's fashion in Serbia and a great effort is made in order to provide a high level of quality with an original and modern design. The annual production capacity is 450,000 pcs, representing 90% of company’s sales. They are interested in finding adequate distributors in countries surrounding Serbia and even wider.
Serbian institute is looking for commercial agent for specialized electrochemical instrument for measurement of voltage-current characteristics of Fuel Cells (FC)
OFFER from Serbia
The laboratory for physical chemistry of a Serbian R&D institute developed and produced a specialized electrochemical instrument for Fuel Cell (FC) testing and characterization of voltage-current curves. The instrument is in the form of a measurement station controlled by PC and represents a programmable current source. The laboratory is looking for commercial agents for marketing the instrument either as specialized electronic devices or educational sets inside or outside of the EU.
Serbian company offering consulting and project management services in water and waste water industry as subconractor
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian company offering consulting services and project management in the water and wastewater industry as a subcontractor on larger projects. The company offers also special services related to IT in water utility engineering. The company's recent references include project documentation preparation for the central wastewater treatment plants for two cities and preliminary and final design for parts of the larger water distribution system.
Serbian producer of decorative luminaires and poles is looking for commercial agents and subcontracting opportunities for its standard assortment of the lighting solutions
OFFER from Serbia
The Serbian family factory of decorative light fitting, luminaries, and poles is looking for commercial agents for its wide assortment. In addition to modern designs, they produce replicas of old lamps with modern light sources (LED). The company is also interested in becoming a subcontractor to a construction company in projects that include lighting solutions, or to companies managing public lightning.
A Serbian company offers subcontracting services for reparatory welding in air and water, welding of super alloys, automatic welding in 2D and 3D plasma cutting
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian company develops and implements systems for automatic welding. The company is offering for subcontracting on larger projects of their state-of-art welding services in air and water. They are also welding of superalloys based on nickel and aluminum. The company has automatic welding technology in 2D and 3D plasma cutting of parts that ensure the high quality of welded/cut parts. They are looking for a partnership with companies providing maintenance services to various industries.