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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Polish company that offers compact, user focused, highly customizable "private" booths is looking for partners via distribution agreement
OFFER from Poland
A Polish company designs and produces various forms of booths for indoor applications. Such products allow for comfortable conversations in places that lack privacy such as open space offices, production halls, restaurants and clubs, as well as exhibition spaces. The company seeks partners via distribution agreements.
A company from Poland is looking for distribution partners and agents to spread and promote highly concentrated foliar fertilizers
OFFER from Poland
Import and export company from Poland offers a wide range of plant protection products, foliar fertilizers, feed materials. Offered products are characterized by the highest, environmentally friendly quality. The company is looking for new agreements based on commercial agency agreement and/or distribution services. The company's objective is to develop its activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
A Polish company is looking for distributors of spring water and certificate returnable bottle carrier in England, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy
OFFER from Poland
An exporter from Poland offers their selected mineral, gas and non-gas water, carbonated drinks and filling siphons what eliminates the production of plastic from the environment. The company is looking for possibility to establish new commercial agency and/or distribution services agreements from England, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.
A Polish producer of electronics is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.
OFFER from Poland
A Polish company specializes in design and production of customized electronics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, VDE testing (safety standards required by the German technical organization VDE) and contract production. The company is interested in finding new partners under manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.
A Polish producer of premium class wood doors is looking for distributors and commercial agents
OFFER from Poland
Polish SME from the region of north-east Poland has been working on the market since 1985, employs more than 100 people and is a leader in the production of external doors. The company produces premium class wood doors with a life-long guarantee. The company is looking for distributors, developers and architects interested in buying high-quality doors for their new investments. Sought form of partnership is subcontracting, distribution service agreement or commercial agreement.
Polish SME offers powder coating of metal parts under manufacturing agreement and subcontracting
OFFER from Poland
A Polish company from the metal industry sector has specialised in surface treatment processing. They provides comprehensive painting services in the field of preparation and powder coating of components entrusted to them. Since 20 years they have been cooperating with ABB company as a subcontractor of painting services. The company is a holder of ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The company is interested in the partnerships within the framework of subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.
Distributors and agents of Polish natural dermocosmetics sought
OFFER from Poland
A Polish SME specializing in manufacture of high quality cosmetics for daily care of problematic skin is looking for trade partners worldwide. Partners with developed selling networks are sought. Commercial agency or distribution services agreements are considered as a basis of cooperation.
Polish producer and wholesaler of organic and natural products is looking for distributors
OFFER from Poland
The Polish company offers a wide range of organic food products like cereals, vinegar, juices, bread acid, chia, horseradish, sea and Himalayan salt etc. The firm is looking for partners such as wholesalers, distributors and retail chains to collaborate with and the planned cooperation is under a distribution agreement.
Polish animation company specializing in games and movies is looking for outsourcing agreements
OFFER from Poland
The SME from Poland is an animation, CGI (computer-generated imagery) and post-production studio. The company provides high-quality services for the purposes of advertising, games, film, multimedia presentations, and special effects. The company is looking for partners from all around the world that would like to use their know-how in their products. Preferred way to cooperate would be outsourcing agreement for long term horizon.
Polish IT recruitment company is offering professional outsourcing and recruitment services under outsourcing agreement
OFFER from Poland
The Polish company specialized in the recruitment of IT professionals from Poland as well as other from Central and Eastern Europe countries is offering its outsourcing and recruitment services to companies looking for experienced IT staff to work directly or remotely. The company is offering cooperation on the basis of outsourcing agreements.