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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A Russian company, specialises in wholesale and export of natural resources and food products, is looking for partners abroad for cooperation under distribution services or commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Russian Federation
A Russian company from Sverdlovsk region specialises in the production and sale of sawn timber, coke, sugar, cereals, and flowers. It is looking for partners abroad to establish cooperation under distribution services or commercial agency agreements.
Serbian laboratory offers consultancy service agreemnt in area of toxicological monitoring of waste compounds and their degradation products in the environment
OFFER from Serbia
The Serbian laboratory has developed a technology for characterization of in vitro cytotoxicity of the newly synthesized product for the market and control of water (waste water, irrigation, drinking) quality. The laboratory offers collaboration through consultancy service agreement or subcontracting. In particular, collaboration focused on evaluation of in vitro cytotoxicity of different organic compounds and their degradation/transformation products is envisioned.
UK kitchen textile business seeks printed linen and cotton fabric supplies and completed products to enhance their product range.
REQUEST from United Kingdom
This Northern Ireland (UK) kitchen textile business seeks manufacturing agreements with mills throughout Europe who can produce printed 100% linen and/or 100% cotton fabric. They also seek innovative kitchen textile products to add to their range.
A Polish company developing an environmentally-friendly autonomous water aeration system interested in concluding a commercial agreement with technical assitance
OFFER from Poland
A company from Poland is offering an autonomous water aeration system using special dedicated wind turbines and compressed air tanks. The solution can be used mainly for maintenance of fish ponds, but also in other applications, including water purification. The offered solution is innovative and environmentally-friendly. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is considered.
The Ukrainian company is searching for technology for wooden magnetic levitation toy
REQUEST from Ukraine
The Ukrainian company is looking for the partner for developing a children's wooden toy, which includes the option of magnetic levitation. As magnetic levitation, the SME understand the technology or the method of lifting and fixing the object at a certain height using only a magnetic field. The company interested in partners for technical, manufacture or research cooperation.
German wind turbine manufacturer seeks distributors, licensees, joint venture partners
OFFER from Germany
A Northern German wind turbine manufacturer is looking for new markets and partners worldwide. Specifically, the company seeks distributors, licensees and joint venture partners. Unlike other producers, the company offers midsized turbines from 225 to 600kW. These can be installed in wind parks, industries, farms and developing countries, islands or places with low infrastructure.
A leader in macramé cord distribution in Lithuania is looking for trade intermediaries
OFFER from Lithuania
A Lithuanian company is specialized in the production and wholesale of various yarn types, including a macramé cord. It is now looking for partners abroad under distribution services or commercial agency agreements.
Japanese company offering legal, accounting and taxes services to EU companies working with Japan
OFFER from Japan
A Japanese company with a team of British, French and Japanese nationals, is providing a range of services for European businesses in Japan, including accounting, administrative, tax-filling, insurance and other. The company’s one-stop shop approach means that European clients can benefit from an in-house, personalised support and focus only on their business growth. Half of the company’s clients are Europeans and they look for other partners in the EU under service agreements.
An Israeli producer of veterinary feed additive, insecticides and disinfectants seeking distributors to sign distribution or commercial agency agreements.
OFFER from Israel
An Israeli company develops and produces high quality and innovative veterinary feed additive, insecticides and disinfectants for Poultry, Livestock, Cattle, Horses and Pets. The company is certified by the ISO 9001-2015 management system standards. The company is looking for a professional and loyal local distributor for a long-term collaboration. They are seeking to sign distribution or commercial agency agreements, and also considers signing manufacturing agreement with a partner.
An Estonian manufacturer in a field of DIY (do it yourself) is offering distinctive timber buildings and garden pavilions and is looking for exclusive agent or distributor
OFFER from Estonia
An Estonian manufacturer of distinctive timber garden pavilions in a field of DIY is looking for exclusive agent or distributor, who has the local market knowledge, experience and a vast sales network. Their target markets are Scandinavia, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and Japan.