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    H2020-FTI: Spanish technological centre is looking for non profit organizations or research and technological centers to develop a modular system of cycling infrastructure for municipalities
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  • REQUEST from Spain, reference: RDES20200123001, valid from 31-01-2020 untill 18-02-2020
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    11 februari 2020
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    11 februari 2020

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    Research & Development request
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    31 januari 2020
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    18 februari 2020

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    This research & technological center has a high research experience in the plastic sector and analytical capacities in this area. It works closely with companies and institutions directly involved with improving plastic compounds competitiveness. This center also has a wide experience as participant and coordinator of European research and development projects.

    The project RE2CYCLE is an industry-driven proposal which aim is to develop a radically innovative concept of cycling infrastructure for municipalities. RE2CYCLE consists of a modular system made of recycled material which is easily and rapidly assembled into a cycle track, with low maintenance need, low reparation operations, city supply pipelines inside and a long useful life. Furthermore, this is a sustainable and integrable into the European citiesĀ“ architecture system and it will allow cost-savings for Municipalities.

    Project core consists of the construction of two pilot sections of the new cycling infrastructure in two different locations, Spain and The Netherlands, where demonstration actions will be implemented by potential clients (municipalities) and end-users.

    The project counts with the following partners already included in the consortium:

    - Industry partner in charge of the manufacturing of the recycled compound, which will be the raw material for the modular tracks.
    - Industry partner in charge of the manufacturing of the modular tracks made of the recycled compound.
    - Partner in charge of the technical assistance related to recycled material and process for the manufacturing of the tracks.
    - Industry partner which is a construction company in charge of the civil works and installation of the modular tracks to construct the cycle track pilot sections.

    The technological center is looking for non profit organizations or research and technological centers with research experience in the field of transport, cycling, urban infrastructure issues. It must be located in a European country, other from Spain and The Netherlands.

    The project will be submitted to Fast Track to Innovation call under Horizon 2020 Programme on 19th of February of 2020 and the deadline for expression of interest is 18th of February.

    The project is expected to start about September of 2020 and will finish by June of 2023.
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    • Construction Technology
    • Transport Infrastructure
    • Aerospace Technology

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    R&D Institution
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    pppNon profit organisations or research and technological centres with experience in the field of transport, cycling, urban infrastructure issues is searched to perform the following roles:

    - Support on identification of safety standards and installation conditions in participating countries.
    - Cycle audit to assess and check design conditions.
    - Participation in the demonstrative stage by providing end-users experience in the field and assessment of the suitability of the pilot track, issues analysis as safety, comfort..
    - Carrying out dissemination and communication activities

    Other roles proposed can also be discussed.

    The partner must be located in any European country except Spain and The Netherlands.
    ppUniversity,R&D Institutionp
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    19 februari 2020
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