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    Portable blood diagnostic medical device to be used in conjunction with a smartphone and App
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  • OFFER from Italy, reference: TOIT20190930001, valid from 04-10-2019 untill 11-10-2020
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    14 oktober 2019
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    14 oktober 2019

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    Technology offer
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    4 oktober 2019
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    11 oktober 2020 (3 weken geleden)

Technologic information profile

  • Title:
    Portable blood diagnostic medical device to be used in conjunction with a smartphone and App
  • Description:
    This technology offer concerns a diagnostic system that allows to carry out examinations in a simple and reliable way at any time, even autonomously. A project team composed by professionals in different sectors designed and filed a patent application for a diagnostic system supported by a smartphone that allows to perform the following diagnostic tests.
    For blood tests (Blood chemistry and haematocrit count) a special collection and distribution kit of minimum size and weight have been designed; kits for blood chemistry tests consist of a special lancing needle and a special test strip on which there are as many microcells (approximately 25) as each required blood parameter on which the blood is deposited.
    The haematocrit count examinations (optional) consists in a lancing needle (as above), a slide on which blood is smeared and stained and a system of magnifying optics of minimum size.
    A smartphone, through specific software determines the concentration of individual blood parameters and provide the results on the display. The software also defines an emergency class based on the deviation of the given values from the standard ones. The results are then transmitted, via internet connection, to an attending physician or to other healthcare facility, thus creating a remote diagnostic system.
    Companies working in the biotech sector with experience in development and marketing of diagnostic medical devices are sought in order to start technical cooperation and patent licensing agreements and to develop and subsequently market the diagnostic kit.
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    • Medcine, Human Health
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    • General medical practice activities
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    • English
    • Italian
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    • Private (in-house) research
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    • Albania
    • Argentina
    • Armenia
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    • Brazil
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More information

  • Plus Value:
    In its' general lines, the main innovation consists in the introduction of smartphones in medical diagnostics, for the above-mentioned exams, (but also for other devices) exploiting their potentials, ease of use and maximum transportability;
    As far as it's currently known, this method is not used, and in order to obtain the above-mentioned exams it is necessary go to an analysis laboratory, to a health centre or to medical specialist.
    The diagnostic system proposed here, which is a Support System and not a Physician replacement, allows for tests that can be performed in a simple and reliable way and even independently.
    Since they can be performed in "real time”, an additional and important advantage is also obtained by “eliminating waiting times" from the moment of the medical examination itself (sampling) and the determination of the results.
    Currently, to perform these exams, it is necessary to go to a healthcare facility implying the need to move people, all this will be overcome with the system proposed here.
    The estimated costs are drastically lower than the current ones (some euros) and consequently, it can be widely distributed worldwide, it can be conveniently used in developing and poor areas or areas of conflict, or in disadvantaged locations, far from health centres and also meet the needs of bedridden people or with chronic conditions that require frequent monitoring exams.
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    Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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    pppCompanies from medical industry sector are sought in order to establish a technical cooperation for the realisation of demonstrators and the industrialisation of the diagnostic medical device and its following commercialisation under licensing agreement.ppp
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    • License agreement
    • Technical cooperation agreement
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