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    Two enthusiastic young artists from Bulgaria are looking for financial support, game companies or distributors for a board game
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  • OFFER from Bulgaria, reference: BOBG20190826002, valid from 26-08-2019 untill 26-02-2021
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    3 september 2019
  • Updated:
    1 september 2020

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    BCD offer
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  • Deleted
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  • Start date:
    26 augustus 2019
  • End date:
    26 februari 2021

Business profile

  • Description:
    The two developers work together to further develop a thesis (the core part of it is the board game). They have basic knowledge of 2D and 3D image development, mainly engaged in drawing and other arts, such as: designing plastic layouts, creating images and drawing manga (black and white comics).
    What they have developed is a board game involving a tile box that each player must arrange before the start of the game itself.
    This board game can become an enjoyable endeavor and lead to socialization for kids and kids alike. The aim is to stimulate the interest of fans of all kinds of games and thus reach more people.
    The game offers its users entertainment, fun and interesting moments in the game, developing their strategic skills and social communication between them.
    The two developers have made a market model of the game. They want to find partners from whom they can get financial support for the materials for making the game and create a joint venture or sign manufacturing agreement to further develop and market it. Potential partners may be companies, including distributors with an interest in investing in this endeavor. The type of partnership will be a subject of negotiations and common agreement between the client and the potential partner. May be a distributor would be interested in investing in this venture and then be the one to have the rights to distribute the game.
  • Technologie keywords
    • Design and Modelling / Prototypes
  • Activity codes
    • Artistic creation
  • Languages
    • Turkish
    • English
    • Bulgarian
  • Exploitations
    • Other
  • Preferred countries
    • Belgium
    • China
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • Russian Federation
    • Turkey
    • United States

More information

  • Plus Value:
    Game development began at the end of 2018. The product is a board game similar to other known titles but with many other interesting components. It allows for several different game options, not just one strictly defined. It is:
    - Suitable to play both indoors and outdoors
    - Number of players - from 2 to 6
    - Great variety of hero cards
    - A deck of test cards that challenge players to stand against the game itself
    - Great variety of magic cards
    - 7 dice for heroes + 1 special for magic cards
    - Special double sided plates that serve to create the battlefield
    - Pawns with 3 geometric characters corresponding to given cards from the character deck
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  • Transnational
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  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
    pGame companies that develop board gamesppThe developers are looking for game companies and distributors, and expect from them to support the development, production and distribution of the game. Potential collaborative partners should have experience in the gaming industry and be well acquainted in board gaming technologies and realization procedures.ppSME 11-50,SME 10,SME 51-250p
  • Partnerships
    • Manufacturing agreement
    • Distribution services agreement
    • Joint venture agreement
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