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    Modular system for combined drug release control over time and space.
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  • OFFER from Italy, reference: TOIT20170213001, valid from 08-06-2017 untill 05-09-2020
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    11 september 2018
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    6 september 2020

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    Technology offer
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    8 juni 2017
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    5 september 2020

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  • Title:
    Modular system for combined drug release control over time and space.
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    An Italian start-up, that works in the pharmaceutical sector, has developed a novel drug release system based on a modular technology.
    The startup conduct research in the areas of solid dosage forms (tablets and powder), pulmonary and nasal, with particular reference to pressurized forms or dry powder, liquid forms (eye drops) and transdermal (patches and films).

    The release modules are tablets made by powder compression or injection molding for immediate or prolonged drug release like inert or swellable matrices. In its typical form, the module is a disc having one concave and one convex base, designed for creating a pile by fitting the convex base inside the concave one. Assembled release systems are created by joining together two or more modules in a disc pile. The assemblies may be obtained by fixing the modules in stacked configuration, i.e., joining two or more modules by fitting the convex faces into the concave faces. An assemblage obtained by joining the concave bases of two modules makes it possible to construct a floating system able to stay in the stomach for long time where to release the drug. This configuration creates an empty space between the two modules which makes the whole system less dense than water. The cavity may be also used as a reservoir to administer drugs to be released after the disintegration of the assembly.

    Therefore, two configurations are feasible by assembling modules having a disc shape with convex and concave bases: staked and void. The assemblage has been made by reinforcing the module connection by a small amount of safe polymeric glue such as a PVP ( polyvinylpyrrolidone) solution.
    Recently, the assembling strength has been assured by inventing a technique defined “click assemblage”. This is an assemblage execution similar to the automatic button used in dresses. It could be obtained by modifying the shape of the convex and concave bases of the module disc. An antimalarial medicine has been constructed using this technology.
    The startup is looking for pharmaceutics companies for financial or joint venture as partner to resume pharmacokinetics studies and to start the drug production. The targets are companies dealing with the production of conventional and bio-technological drugs.
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    • Medcine, Human Health
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    • Research and experimental development on biotechnology
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    - Many chronic diseases require the use of a number of combined drugs. In these situations, the concurrent administration of diverse drugs effectively can fight the disease and prevents side effects.
    - The module assembling technology collects in a single dosage form all the active substances required by the patient.
    - Each module can contain a different drug or the same drug in a different formulation.
    - The release rate is modulated accordingly to the number and position of the modules in the assembled system.
    - The most important innovation achieved consists in the gastro-retentive drug release targeting the stomach, based on the floatation of a peculiar assemblage of the modules.
    - Floatation is obtained once two modules are assembled in such a way to create an internal void space.
    - In vivo studies have confirmed the gastric-retentive ability of the empty chamber configuration. The system has remained in the stomach for a time between 2.5 to 5.0 hrs.
    - The technology addresses the need for versatility in drug release kinetics by modulating the administered dose and associating different drugs in a single system.
    - Since the technology provides a time-space controlled release, it might also be used in agricultural, industrial and consumer applications.
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    R&D Institution
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    pppThe startup is looking for pharmaceutics companies, that work on the production of conventional and bio-technological drugs, as partner for financial or joint venture to resume pharmacokinetics studies and to start the drug production.pp500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,500p
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